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Zero Support For ABIS Kucing

Boy the Buka Puasa rounds are getting really hot this time around.  

Yesterday one topic of discussion  was "The support level for the Prime Minister is effectively zero". And this is coming from Gomen people. Not Opposition people.

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I am merely reporting what I heard ok. Ini bukan saya cakap. Ini orang lain cakap. Saya dengar saja. Dan orang yang cakap ni semua bukan calang-calang punya orang. 

And here is a joke that has gone around  - it has been suggested to a Gomen think tank to have a seminar on "How Long Do You Think The PM Will Last?"  Ha ha ha. isnt that funny? Ha ha ha.

Earlier yesterday I received a phone call from a pro-PM Blogger and then also met with a pro-UMNO Blogger. 

The pro-PM Blogger asked, 'Syed is it true the (pro-UMNO) Bloggers are planning to overthrow Najib?

My answer was, 'Obviously you have been reading the pro-UMNO Blogs'. Because without a doubt many of the more relevant pro-UMNO Blogs are now up in arms against the presiden.  Kalau tak caya go and read them yourself. I dont have to say anything.

Then the pro-UMNO Blogger I met spoke about ABIS Kucing. What is ABIS Kucing? Do read on. 

It appears that the only guys supporting the party presiden now are the close cronies, the con-sultans who are also con-men,  some of the Pemuda guys, the morons who run the GLCs and the Billionaires Club aka the Cabinet.  

(By the way there is another scandal involving the GLCs on the front pages today. Nanti I tulis sikit. Tak habis-habis depa punya scandal.)  

All these people who support the PM form the 'Angkatan Sida'. They are the PM's 'cojones carriers'. The late MGG Pillai's (of Sangkancil) sidekick Bala had an interesting phrase for these folks : "the cojones hangers".  (I think if the PM goes, the 'cojones carriers' and 'cojones hangers' will switch camps overnite).  

Other than the Angkatan Sida the support for Najib Tun Razak as party president and Prime Minister is effectively zero.

Here is more that I heard - in the coming UMNO elections Hishamudin Hussein will be taken out. Plus a few others including Shafie Apdal.  Maybe the Ketua Pemuda guy also will be taken out.  

The people at the Bahagian and Cawangan levels are getting totally fed up with the PM and his entire team.  Dont say I did not warn you.

Di sini saya nasihati  ahli-ahli parti fikir baik-baik. 2018 tidak jauh. Dalam keadaan yang kita berada sekarang UMNO dan BN mempunyai peluang yang sangat tipis untuk kekal selepas PRU 14.   Kekayaan negara sedang di telan habis oleh ular-ular sawa yang pandai berbelit-belit. 

Kerajaan sedang hanyut dalam sungai yang airnya keroh.  Perahunya bocor dan dayungnya patah. Nakhoda pula sibuk main dengan kucing.  Tanpa arahan nak ke hulu atau ke hilir. Akhir sekali kalau tidak tenggelam, perahu akan terbabas juga.

Tidak ada sesiapa pun yang akan pedulikan nasib kita atau yang akan membantu kita kecuali kita membantu diri kita sendiri.  Nobody will give a sh*t about us.Percayalah. Jadi ahli-ahli parti kena fikir baik-baik bila mengundi pemimpin. Kiamat dalam tangan anda.

Back to the Buka Puasa, some folks say there will be a challenge against the presiden. Other clever folks say the better plan is NOT to challenge the presiden. They have other ideas. They are very clever.

What is ABIS Kucing?  A.B.I.S stands for Asal Bukan Isham & Shafie (Apdal).  No one seems to want Hishamuddin Hussein in any leadership position. Shafie Apdal has also lost his popularity. 

And Kucing refers to these pictures :

Cat sniffing? In Arabic, Abu Hurairah means 'Father of Cats' or 'Bapak Kucing'.  

 Glue sniffing is a crime in Malaysia. It makes you cuckoo. I dont know what is the fatwa on cat sniffing? Makruh? 

Bapak Kemerdekaan, Bapak Pembangunan, Bapak Perpaduan, Bapak Malaysia Moden, Kepala Bapak, Bapak Kucing?

Ismail Sabri angkat PM. PM angkat kucing.  Kucing kencing PM. 

"Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite infects most genera of warm-blooded animals, including humans, but the primary host is the cat. Cats are the primary source of infection to human hosts.  The parasite can cause encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and neurologic diseases, and can affect the heart, liver, inner ears, and eyes (chorioretinitis).  Recent research has also linked toxoplasmosis with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and schizophrenia.  Numerous studies found a positive correlation between latent toxoplasmosis and suicidal behavior in humans" - Wikipedia.

Below : A cat wearing a bell. Obviously for safety reasons. 

Back to earth, tonite there is a super power buka puasa with some Quranist brothers and sisters.Sans politics. We will be in the shade of the Realm. Cant wait. 

There is another power buka puasa coming up end of next week. I cant wait for that one either. 


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