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Flight 370 The CIA Hoax: Gordon Duff

Today we are told that the fate of Flight 370 is known, not yet identified debris has been spotted in what is called “the Southern Indian Ocean,” perhaps more appropriately described as “north of Antarctica.”

We also know that the 777/200 is a “fly by wire” aircraft with controls in place that allow the CIA to remotely pilot the plane “in case of emergency.” We were able to verify the design and implementation of this system through Boeing, Raytheon and commercial pilots.


The descriptions today in the New York Times and other publications are purposefully inaccurate and contradictory. Their explanations of how commercial aircraft communicate and are tracked are fanciful at best, at worst “criminal.”


When Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was reported as having crashed in the South China Sea, a massive cover up began yet no one will speak of it, nothing is written of it and its broad consequences are a subject of no investigation.

While people around the world were told the plane was “lost” or “crashed,” it was being monitored by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and its regional defense partners through secret systems installed in the plane.

In 2006, Boeing announced the following, from a John Croft article in Flight Global:

Boeing last week received a US patent for a system that, once activated, removes all controls from pilots to automatically return a commercial airliner to a predetermined landing location.

The "uninterruptible" autopilot would be activated - either by pilots, by onboard sensors or even remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of a flight deck.

Boeing says: "We are constantly studying ways we can enhance the safety, security and efficiency of the world's airline fleet."

Similarly, Raytheon Corporation was awarded a contract by the Federal Aviation Administration 8 years ago to implement an “Advanced Route Evaluation System” (ARES) to work in concert with the system operated by the Central Intelligence Agency.

In addition, the technical staff at Rolls Royce, a fact also reported in the Wall Street Journal, continually monitored the plane’s flight.

Hundreds of people knew exactly where the plane was, how every system was working, what had been “turned off” not only when but where and exactly where the plane is now. Every word told the press, has been a lie.
Every word told by the mainstream media has been a lie.


Now everyone knows that the plane continued flying for hours. This is where the cover up becomes problematic; you see everything about the plane was known, position, conditions of the engines, oxygen levels in the cockpit and passenger compartment, this and much more.

Even if the plane couldn’t be remotely piloted, its systems under “uninterruptable” control, a term coined by Boeing itself, the 777/200’s supposed “Flying Dutchman” journey to the South Pole is more than implausible.

The CIA along with Joint military commands set up during the Global War on Terror, tracked Flight 370, monitoring it continually, monitoring the murder of its passengers, monitoring its landing, monitoring its refueling and know exactly where it is.

If the plane really went down “off Antarctica,” they then monitored and “allowed” that.


In Britain, technicians for Rolls Royce monitored the plane as well, reporting its position to the British government every minute it was in the air. Those technicians have been silent, the British government has never been asked, and no one has been asked.

As the largest “Where’s Waldo” hunt in history goes on, now pulling in data from weather satellites and fleets of anti-submarine warfare planes unleashed upon the Indian Ocean, the entire thing is an “act,” a would-be comical farce.

Flight 370 is a Boeing 777/200, one of the most automated planes in the world. We will be outlining some of the specifics that make this theft or hijacking or alien abduction or whatever the mainstream media chooses to call it not just improbable but government sponsored terrorism.


This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. When four airliners “disappeared” on 9/11 much of what we are seeing today occurred then, but with far less technology being denied and suppressed.

According to Dr’s James Fetzer and Dean Hartwell, planes involved in 9/11 were still flying elsewhere after being listed as having crashed or never took off in the first place. These reports, though backed by verifiable data, were considered wild and suppositional by most but, in light of the Flight 370 debacle, deserve to be reconsidered.

Yes, planes can fly for hours after having crashed and, “yes,” authorities will lie about, not just the location of planes but show a frightening indifference when it comes to the now obviously pre-planned “disappearance” of passengers.

There are a number of devices on commercial aircraft embedded in such a way as to prevent disabling while in flight. You will never hear about where they are, what frequencies they broadcast on or how they work.

They are there. There are highly classified and they were on Flight 370, being continually monitored by military and security forces tasked specifically with preventing commercial aircraft from being used as weapons.

We all remember the testimony at the 9/11 Commission hearings. Condoleezza Rice, General Myers, Rumsfeld and Cheney, none of them had ever heard of the possibility of planes used as weapons no matter how many memos they had sent or received contradicting their testimony.

Similarly, days, even weeks later, one of the great “disappearing tricks” of all time, and the American military not only monitored every mile travelled but knew exactly when and where the passengers were killed. Part of the admitted “redirection” of Flight 370 included 45 minutes at 45,000 feet.

There is a procedure taking exactly that long at that altitude for depressurizing the cabin, using up existing oxygen supplies and killing passengers.

We received this from a Boeing 777 pilot with a major airline. From an article in New Eastern Outlook (Russia):

“Just a quick update with what I know about the Malaysia 777 disappearance. The Boeing 777 is the airplane that I fly. It is a great, safe airplane to fly. It has, for the most part, triple redundancy in most of its systems, so if one complete system breaks (not just parts of a system), there are usually 2 more to carry the load. It’s also designed to be easy to employ so 3rd world pilots can successfully fly it. 

Sometimes, even that doesn’t work…

There’s many ways to fly the 777 and there are safety layers and redundancies built into the airplane now to Malaysia. There are so many communication systems on the airplane: 3 VHF radios, 2 SatCom systems, 2 HF radio systems, plus Transponders and active, ‘real time’ monitoring through CPDLC (Controller to Pilot Data Link Clearance) and ADS B(Air Data Service) through the SatCom systems and ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) thru the VHF, HF and SatCom systems. The air traffic controllers can tell where we are, speed, altitude, etc. as well as what our computers and flight guidance system has set into our control panels. Big Brother for sure! 

However, most of these things can be turned off.

But, there are a few systems that can’t be turned off and one is the engine monitoring systems. The Malaysia airplane, like our 777-200’s, uses Rolls Royce Trent Engines (as a piece of trivia….Rolls Royce names their motors after rivers….because they always keep on running!) Rolls Royce leases these motors to us and they monitor them all the time they are running. In fact, a few years back, one of our 777’s developed a slow oil leak due and partial equipment failure. It wasn’t bad enough to set off the airplane’s alerting system, but RR was looking at it on their computers. They are in England, they contact our dispatch in (REDACTED), Dispatch sends a message to the crew via SatCom in the North Pacific, telling them that RR wants them to closely monitor oil pressure and temp on the left engine.

The crew did all of that and landed uneventfully, but after landing and during the taxi in, the left engine shut itself down using it’s redundant, computerized operating system that has a logic tree that will not allow it to be shut down if the airplane is in the air…only on the ground. Pretty good tech. Anyway, the point was that RR monitors those engines 100% of the time they are operating. And don’t EVER get in an Airbus!!”


What do we know for sure? We know the plane was tracked continually. We know classified systems were on board that could reroute and land the plane no matter what any hijacker could have done.

We know the passengers could be killed easily using control systems that should not be available to crew or hijackers but, for some reason, are a major “hole” in the security of an aircraft that has multiple redundancy systems for other “mishaps.”

We know the media has never addressed simple technical issues that a simple “fact check” on Google could have rectified. Did they lie on purpose?

Did someone tell them to lie?

Sources claim the plane landed on Diego Garcia, was refueled, dead passengers “disembarked” and was moved elsewhere?

Is this a better explanation than flying to the South Pole hidden from the world through multiple simultaneous failures of safety, communications, counter-hijacking and autopilot systems?

What we are certain of is that in light of today’s announcement, a series of seemingly plausible rationales for what we really know to have been utterly impossible are being concocted.

This effort is what is now called “reporting


Amerika oh Amerika - dimana MH370? Penipuan lu tak menjadi...


Rakyat Malaysia yang selama ini tidak ambil peduli tentang perancangan USA dan bapaknya Yahudi terhadap negara Islam dan tentulah terhadap orang Islam khususnya penganut Islam tegar, akan mula membuka minda. Tidak keterlaluan jika dikatakan bahawa Yahudi2 Amerika ini bekerja bagaikan "Dajjal Laknatullah". Mereka menguasai semua rangkaian media, sebaran "fitnah" bagi mengelirukan dunia.

Dengan berlakunya peristiwa MH370 ini diharap orang Islam khasnya Melayu tidak lagi menjadi kaldai bongok yang hanya tahu benda2 sedap sahaja. Harapnya mereka sudah mampu berfikir lebih jauh. Sekurang2nya belajar memahami apa itu Protokol Zionis. Ia mustahak untuk mengelak diri terjerat dan menjadi mangsa mereka (Yahudi).

Percayalah, apa yang berlaku kepada dunia sekarang ini semuanya tertulis dalam buku tersebut.

Amerika dan sekutunya telah lama terkedu tak dapat nak menguasai Malaysia sebagaimana lain2 negara Islam. Kita lihat apa telah jadi kepada Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Mesir. dan kini Syria?? Tidakkah kita terfikir apa niat USA sebenarnya? Tak lupa juga negara jiran kita Indonesia sedang diratah oleh mereka melalui pelbagai saluran (termasuk Islam Liberal yang sesat itu). Apa jadi kepada negara2 Islam ini? Bahagiakah mereka selepas dikerjakan USA?

Contohnya, kalau dulu terdapat dikalangan kita yang bersorak melihat Saddam digulingkan, kini kenapa diam membisu melihat Iraq hancur punah ranah dan tidak lagi aman? Lebih baik Saddam memerintah dari menjadi negara jajahan Amerika. Begitu juga dengan Muammar Gadafi yang dilabelkan sebagai anjing jahat. Kenapa kini diam bila melihat Libya terus huru hara? Ohh tak cukup dengan itu, heboh pula menyokong mujahidin (konon) melawan kerajaan Syria. Nanti bila Syria jadi macam Iraq barulah mereka semua puas hati? Oh malang sungguh manusia dungu ini.

Tidak. Mereka masih tidak puas hati selagi negara mereka sendiri tidak jadi begitu. Bukan bodoh macam lembu tetapi dungu macam kaldai. Mereka dungu kerana didungukan. Kesian kan?

Maka rakyat Malaysia harus sedar sekarang, sama ada mereka sedang membantu USA untuk jahanamkan negara ini atau tidak. Ramai yang sudah termakan umpan. Kini sedang meroyan bagai nak gila kerana gagal menjual negara ini kepada Amerika.

Deigo Garcia menjadi buah mulut manusia ramai kini. Sebuah pulau misteri milik Amerika. Mata tertumpu kepada pulau Dajjal yang baru ini. Apa yang ada disana? Bolehkan orang luar pergi ke sana? Mustahil. Pentagon Bans ALL LEAVE TRAVEL TO DIEGO GARCIA

Teori MH370 disembunyikan di sana amat meyakinkan. Kesah penumpang berharga ataupun teori kargonya cukup kuat mengaitkan Amerika (yang satu masa dahulu sanggup mengebom bangunan dan rakyatnya sendiri demi matlamat menguasai Afghanistan). Mungkin ramai yang dah lupa atau cuba lupakan kes 911 tersebut kerana dah mula sayang kepada Amerika (melalui gerak kerja proksinya).

Apa nak hairan, dunia hari ini mudah sangat ditipu sang Dajjal. Belum lagi dia muncul, berbillion manusia sudah dapat didungukan. Termasuk sebahagiannya yang ada di Malaysia.

Kerja Allah tiada siapapun yang dapat menduga. MH370 akan mengajar kita memahami kerja Zionis Sedunia yang menjadi tenaga kerja kerajaan Dajjal. Kecelikan akal orang Melayu sangat penting untuk menghalang Malaysia dari dihuru harakan oleh mereka. Ia amat penting. Sekurang2nya sebahagian dari Orang Melayu dan Islam akan kembali menghalakan fikiran mereka menduga apa yang akan Amerika lakukan selepas ini. Paling penting, kita tidak akan terus dungu atau didungukan.


Tiada siapa.

HA HA HA .... lihat link di bawah. 

Tiba2 Pentagon keluarkan arahan


Kenapa? Kerana ia satu2nya teori yang paling munasabah pada akal manusia. Pastinya tekanan demi tekanan akan terus ditujukan kepada Amerika Syarikat (Syarikat Dajjal).

Tindakan Najib memberikan hujahan MH370 berakhir di selatan lautan hindi juga dikira langkah bijak untuk menekan Amerika (Najib pasti tahu apa sebenarnya hajat Amerika berkaitan Malaysia).Ia mungkin secara kebetulan, tetapi apapun ia atas gerak Allah juga untuk selamatkan negara dari bahaman USA yang gabas itu.


11 Gambar Rahsia Diego Garcia Yang Ramai Tak Tahu (sumber dari ..)

11 Gambar Rahsia Diego Garcia Yang Ramai Tak Tahu | Sejak hilangnya pesawat MH370 yang membawa penumpang dari Kuala Lumpur ke Beijing, sangat banyak informasi baru yang dipelajari oleh dunia khususnya rakyat Malaysia. Dari sejarah Yahudi Zionis hingga ke Jatuhnya Kerajaan Melaka dan tenggelamnya emas Melaka yang dianggar bernilai RM10bil di Selat Melaka. Bukan setakat itu sahaja, rakyat Malaysia turut disajikan dengan informasi tentang kedatangan Dajjal yang membawa fitnah yang amat dasyat. Bagus. Sangat bagus. Ini satu petanda yang rakyat Malaysia kini dah mulai suka membaca dan terang minda dengan isu-isu global alhamdulillah. Anyway, salah satu yang sangat banyak diperkatakan ialah tentang pangkalan tentera Amerika di Diego Garcio. Di bawah merupakan 11 gambar ekslusif rahsia yang ada pada pangkalan tentara Amerika ini. Jom!

Sumber: Google Images


Sekarang teori apa lagi yang ada untuk kaitkan dengan peristiwa ini. USA pasti juga buntu untuk mencipta cerita yang mampu menjerat minda manusia semua (sebagaimana 911).

Hanya Deigo Garcia yang akan dapat menjawab dimana hilangnya penumpang dan kru MH370 berada.

Amerika semakin kelu. Kenapa peralatan dan aset canggih serta NASA mereka gagal mengesan dimana pesawat ini menghilang? ??? Mengapa? Mengapa? Itulah persoalannya sehingga kini. Kalau kes 911 mereka siap sempat ambil gambar pesawat sebelum rempuh bangunan, kenapa kini mereka gagal mencari bangkai (kalau dah jadi bamgkai) pesawat ini? Kan pelik !!

Betul kata sebahagian penganalisis bahawa apa yang penting ialah mengetahui MOTIF sebenar kenapa pesawat ini di hijek.

Apa kaitan dengan Israel pulak, makin menarik cerita USA ini. Mana mau lari haaaa?

Flight 370 Mystery SOLVED! Israel & US Have It At Diego Garcia Along With MH370 Replica Plane PROOF (Video)

USA terus diam membisu. Kenapa dunia tidak mempertikaikannya? Sebab semua saluran media di bawah kawalannya. Inilah saluran "fitnah" no 1 hari ini. Dan... bukankah ramai yang memberi hujah bahawa USA itulah Dajjal? Amerika dan dusta adalah seiring. Akhirnya, niat mereka untuk memancing China di samping memburukkan kerajaan Malaysia hampir berjaya. Jika pun kerajaan Malaysia tahu kerja kotor USA ini, amat malang unuk kita kerana kerajaan kita belum cukup berani untuk dedahkannya. Jika anda menjadi PM, adakah anda berani lakukannya?

Tidak mustahil sandiwara sekarang yang diterajui Australia juga mengikut skrip USA. Siapa tahu?

Malaysian media should pose critical questions to the US and its Intelligence Services and not to the Malaysian Government. 

"Erich Shih, chief reporter at Chinese-language military news monthly Defense International, said the US has more and better satellites but has not taken part in the search for flight MH370, which disappeared about an hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in the early hours of March 8 with 239 people on board. Shih claimed that the US held back because it wanted to see what information China’s satellites would provide." READ HERE


Cukuplah kita dibohongi mereka (USA). Sedarlah bahawa Malaysia sedang melalui krisis hebat kini berada dalam suasana kritikal. Kita harus bergantung kepada kebijaksanaan pemerintah yang ada untuk selamatkan negara dari menjadi nakanan mereka yang tamak ini. Jari kini tertuding kepada USA, Israel dan sekutu mereka. Carilah siapa sekutu Israel di sini dan jauhilah mereka, Mereka tidak akan memberi sebarang kebaikan selain dari merosakkan segala apa yang ada.

Diego Garcia is one the sites believed by some to be a possible landing place for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Anda percaya?

Sumber : abatasa2

Apabila Bulan Berdarah

Assalammualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarokatuh buat semua pembaca yang dirahmati..
Selawat serta salam buat Baginda Rasulullah SAW dan Ahlul Bay’t Baginda.

“Allahumasoliala Muhammad, Wa’ali Muhammad”

Hari ini, 1hb April 2014 membuka tirai buat kekita semua selepas Mac meninggalkan kita dengan misteri #MH370 yang masih belum terjawab secara penuh sehingga ke saat ini. Hari ini juga aku mengambil satu inisiatif (walaupun agak malas nak menulis) untuk ‘divert’ (alihkan) pandangan kita semua dari isu MH370 (sekejap) ke satu isu global yang lain. Mungkin... Mungkin ada sesuatu yang bakal berlaku.. Allah lebih mengetahui. Aku tak tahu apa-apa. Cuma apa yang aku nukilkan dalam artikel ini, ianya hanya bersifat pandangan peribadi aku semata-mata.. Tapi baca lah dulu ok.. Baca pelan-pelan.

Dalam pada kekita semua ralat dan sedih memikirkan untung nasib penumpang dan anak kapal MH370 dan dalam pada kekita semua berspekulasi perihal bunga-bunga angin perang dunia ke-3 (WW3) yang bakal dimulakan oleh Russia atau China atau Amerika Syarikat atau mungkin juga Korea Utara dalam masa terdekat ini, mungkin ramai umat Islam dunia khususnya di Malaysia (mengikut pemerhatian peribadi aku) yang tidak menyedari tentang kedatangan “Four Blood Moons” atau satu fenomena 4 kali bulan berwarna merah darah yang bakal berlaku dalam tahun 2014 ini dan tahun 2015 akan datang nanti.

Fenomena ini akan berlaku 2 kali tahun ini dan 2 kali tahun hadapan dan akan diselangkan dengan satu gerhana matahari ditengah-tengah peristiwa ini nanti. Blood Moon yang pertama hanya tinggal sekitar lagi 13-14 hari dari tarikh penulisan ini iaitu dijangka akan berlaku pada 14/15hb April 2014. Sama ada kita di Malaysia dan rantau Asia Tenggara dapat menyaksikan fenomena ini belum dapat dipastikan lagi (perlu rujukkan ahli falak). Akan tetapi, fenomena ini telah disahkan oleh NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of United States) akan dapat dilihat diseluruh kawasan barat bumi termasuk di Jazirah Arab..

Fenomena bulan berwarna merah yang seakan-akan berdarah ini sebenarnya adalah satu fenomena yang biasa berlaku. (Kali terakhir aku melihat bulan penuh berwarna merah darah ini adalah sekitar tahun 2012 di Pulau Besar, Melaka ketika sedang berjalan kaki pulang dari beruzlah di Batu Belah). CUMA kali ini apa yang luar biasanya tentang fenomena ini ialah ianya bakal berlaku 4 kali berturut-turut dalam dua tahun ini DAN akan berlaku satu gerhana matahari di tengah-tengahnya.

Persoalan yang mungkin sedang bermain di dalam minda pembaca artikel ini sekarang kemungkinannya ialah; “Pernahkah fenomena seperti ini berlaku dalam sejarah peradaban manusia..?” Jawabannya; “Iya pernah! Tetapi (sehingga setakat kemampuan pengetahuan dari pakar falak dan sejarah) ianya BUKAN diselang dengan gerhana matahari di tengah-tengah peristiwanya.” Jadi fenomena ‘Four Blood Moons’ kali ini agak pelik sedikit kerana akan berlaku gerhana matahari ditengah-tengah antara 2 kali bulan berdarah tu.. Dalam 500 tahun kebelakangan ini, ianya baru berlaku sebanyak tiga kali. Dan setiap kali berlakunya fenomena ini, ianya disusuli dengan peperangan antara Islam, Yahudi dan Kristian. Peperangan antara haq dan bathil...!

2hb April 1493-1494 – Kejatuhan Empayar Islam Moro di Andalusia dan Granada, Sepanyol. Tarikh ini juga merupakan penanda kebangkitan Kristian di seluruh Eropah. Kemunculan kuasa-kuasa besar baru di bawah hukum perintah Vaticcan seperti Portugal yang akhirnya menyerang Melaka (sayap kiri pemerintahan Khalifah Uthmaniah) pada tahun 1511. Sekitar tahun yang sama itu juga Christopher Columbus telah menemui Amerika Syarikat bagi MENCARI PENEMPATAN BARU (New World Establishment) untuk kaum-kaum Yahudi yang dihalau keluar dari Eropah.
15hb Mei 1948-1949 – Pembentukkan negara haram Israel selepas berjaya memecah-belahkan negara-negara kesatuan Arab dengan bantuan dan gerakkan ketenteraan dari ‘New World Establisment’ mereka iaitu Amerika Syarikat.
5hb Jun 1967-1968 – Berlaku peperangan yang berlangsung selama enam hari yang akhirnya menyaksikan kejatuhan Jerusalem ke tangan Israel laknatullah sehingga ke hari ini.

Kesemua kejadian dan peristiwa di atas ini berlaku dalam tempoh 500 tahun sebelum ini ketika berlakunya fenomena ‘Four Blood Moons’ dan kesemuanya keputusan yang terbit dari peristiwa di atas adalah amat merugikan kita umat Islam di seluruh dunia. AKAN TETAPI, harus kita ketahui juga, bukan semua peristiwa Four Blood Moons yang memihak kepada bukan Islam. Jika dirujuk di dalam lipatan sejarah dunia, kita anjakkan sedikit ‘timeline’ lebih dari 500 tahun dahulu, maka kita akan jumpa iaitu pada 2hb October 1187, Salahuddin Al Ayubi dan angkatan Islam telah berjaya merampas Jerusalem dari penguasaan Kristian dan menguasai tanah keramat itu beratus tahun lamanya sebelum jatuh semula ke pihak Yahudi pada tahun 1967. Kejadian peperangan tentera Islam Salahuddin Al Ayubi ini juga berlaku saat fenomena ‘Four Blood Moons’ (mengikut sumber rujukkan sejarah falak). Jadi bukanlah setiap kali berlakunya fenomena ini keputusan akan memihak kepada kumpulan penentang Islam (jika berlaku peperangan).

Walaubagaimanapun, kumpulan-kumpulan ekstremis Yahudi dan Kristian (US & Eropah – Bukan Kristian dunia yang lain) atau aku secara peribadi memanggil kumpulan ini sebagai penggerak Illuminati (ingat makcik jual nasi lemak 3 segi...? hahaha) menganggap fenomena yang bakal berlangsung ini adalah sesuatu yang mereka nanti-nantikan.. Sebab terdapat GERHANA MATAHARI DITENGAH-TENGAHNYA. Mereka menganggapnya sebagai salah satu ‘prophecy’ atau ramalan yang bakal melengkapkan aturan NWO – New World Order mereka melalui ayat yang dipetik;

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.” / “Matahari akan berwarna hitam dan bulan akan berdarah, sebelum hari kedatangan Tuhan yang Maha Agung lagi Maha Dasyat.”
Joel 2:31 (Kitab Injil)

Jadi ‘Tuhan’ yang dimaksudkan disini ialah Tuhan mana..? Adakah Allah Taala seperti kepercayaan kita atau pun al-Dajjal kepercayaan Yahudi ataupun Isa al-Masih pegangan Islam dan Kristian..? Perlu kita ingat bahawasanya kandungan kitab Injil hari ini bukanlah seperti Injil di zaman Nabi Isa Alay’hi Salam lagi. Ianya telah banyak diubah-ubah oleh manusia dengan membentuk satu kepercayaan berkonsep ‘triniti’ yang karut-marut dan haru-biru..! Dan lebih parah lagi, Amerika Syarikat (yang mengaku Kristian tapi sebenarnya bukan) menjadi hub penyebaran agama Katholik ini dan bersekongkol dengan Israel dalam penerbitan siri-siri kitab Bible (Injil) yang mengikut aturan dan acuan jahat Illuminati dan Mason.. Jadi potongan ayat kat atas tu aku ambil dari kandungan Injil yang ada zaman sekarang ni atau dikenali sebagai ‘New Testament’. Bab ni rasanya aku tak perlu hurai panjang sebab akal dan hati orang-orang Islam yang sihat dan waras lagi beriman akan dapat menilai sendiri.. InsyaALLAH!

Yang bakal lebih memeriahkan fenomena ‘Four Blood Moons’ tahun ini dan tahun hadapan juga ialah ianya akan jatuh tepat pada tarikh-tarikh sambutan hari perayaan di dalam kalendar Yahudi iaitu hari yang dikenali sebagai:

Passover” – Hari memperingati kebebasan kaum Yahudi selepas dijadikan hamba abdi sejak 3,300 tahun lampau ketika era Dinasti Firaun di Mesir.
Feast of Tabernacles” atau dikenali juga dengan gelaran “Sukkot” – Ini adalah hari dimana sambutan penganut agama Yahudi lama diperintahkan melakukan hijrah ke Jarusalem atau lebih tepat lagi ‘kuil’ Nabi Allah Sulaiman Alay’hi Salam (The Temples of Solomon) di sana. Dan di atas kepercayaan mereka terhadap ‘Sukkot’ ini jugalah yang menggerakkan mereka memasuki dan menakluk Jerusalem terus sehingga ke hari ini.

Jadi dipendekkan cerita, selepas sesi-sesi pengiraan dan kalkulus oleh ahli-ahli falak, ahli-ahli ramalan seluruh dunia, fenomena ‘Four Blood Moons’ kali ini BAKAL mencorakkan satu lagi perubahan dunia secara umum.. Perubahan ini akan bersifat global dan akan terpalit pada setiap umat manusia di seluruh dunia.. Israel dan Amerika Syarikat akan terlibat sama dalam percaturan mereka secara besar-besaran DAN secara tak langsung umat Islam Akhir Zaman akan diuji secukupnya.. Banyak ramalan dan andaian serta spekulasi mengenai fenomena ini telah dibuat oleh pihak-pihak dari sebelah Yahudi dan Kristian, akan tetapi HAMPIR TIADA mana-mana ‘prophecy’ dari kalangan umat Islam dunia. Barangkali umat Islam masih lena diulit mimpi-mimpi indah atau barangkali, kekita masih tidak peka dengan persekitaran perlakuan dunia.. Atau mungkin kita belum faham lagi tentang BAHASA DAN ISYARAT ALAM yang Allah Taala kirim dan tunjuk dalam sejarah.. Yang Allah Taala dah aturkan pada kita hari ini menghadap hari esok-esok secara sendiri.

Seperti yang kerap aku nukilkan dan ucapkan pada sahabat-sahabat sekalian; “Jika kita sedang dicaturkan, bergeraklah keluar dari papan catur..” Banyak-banyakkan lah bacaan doa mengelak fitnah Dajjal untuk diri dan keluarga.. Amalkan lah surah-surah berkaitan dan ayat-ayat amalan masing-masing.. Tak rugi beramal sebab kita tak tahu bila waktu kita dijemput pulang menghadap Maha Pencipta.. Di saat Yahudi dan Illuminatis sibuk menggali-gali ‘King Solomon Mine’ di Jerusalem, mungkin kini mereka dah tahu yang ‘Gedung Penyimpanan Harta Nabi Allah Sulaiman Alay’hi Salam’ sebenarnya di sebelah timur sini.. Tak jauh dari Solomon Islands di bawah ‘Kepulauan Bugis’.. Oleh itu, jaga-jaga jugalah kerana kalau terjadi apa-apa, Tanah Melayu kita ini Tanah Pusaka.. Bakal menjadi perhatian dunia.. Banyak menyimpan harta-harta untuk buat jadi mahar Akhir Zaman dan Imam mulia.. Tengok-tengok sama di Pahang, di Hulu Terengganu, di Gunung Ledang dan juga di Danau Tok Uban juga Banjaran Titiwangsa.. Jaga-jaga kekita semua segala yang pusaka pustaka dan bersaka.

Akhir sekali sebelum menutup posting ni, simpanlah tarikh yang telah dikeluarkan oleh pihak NASA dalam ramalan perihal akan berlakunya fenomena ‘Four Blood Moons’ kali ini iaitu:

15hb April 2014 (Hari Passover Yahudi) - Bulan berdarah
8hb Oktober 2014 (Hari Sukkot Yahudi) – Bulan berdarah
20hb Mac 2015 (Hari Adar Yahudi) – Gerhana matahari
4hb April 2015 (Hari Passover Yahudi) - Bulan berdarah
28hb September 2015 (Hari Sukkot Yahudi) - Bulan berdarah

Apa yang bakal berlaku kali ini adalah diluar bidang pengetahuan kita semua. Prophecy dan ramalan berbagai-bagai.. Teori konspirasi juga bermacam-macam. Mungkin... Mungkin iya-Mungkin tidak.. Mungkin ada kejadian-Mungkin tak ada langsung.. Kalau tiada, Alhamdulillah.. Kalau ada, mungkin ianya lebih besar atau lebih kecil dari isu MH370..? Mungkin.. Mungkin ada gempa bumi / tsunami / meletupnya gunung berapi / atau hujan meteor..? Mungkin ianya lebih besar dari isu Russia-Ukraine-Crimea..? Mungkin ianya lebih besar dari pergolakkan Korea Utara-Korea Selatan..? Mungkin juga perang dunia global ke-3 bakal meletus..? Sebab bunga-bunga perang dah ada.. Atau mungkin Imam Mahdi akan muncul..? Jazirah Arab dah terbakar.. Dah keluar ‘asap’ di Syam-Syria dan Mesir sekarang sedang Arab Saudi dan Qatar pula menjadi ‘hijau-hijauan’ tidak disentuh langsung golongan Illuminatis dengan pembangunan mencakar langit menutupi Kaabah di sini sana..

INGAT! Ini adalah pandangan sempit aku sahaja.. Aku tak paksa sesiapa pun faham apatah lagi untuk percaya.. Segalanya atas ketentuanNya juga.. Wallahu’alam Bis’sawab Wa’ilayhi Marji’ul Walma’ab.. Persiapkanlah dan kumpulkanlah segala kekuatan yang ada.. Takut-takut Nuclear Holocaust menanti kekita.. Apa yang terdaya..? Takkan tunggu dan lihat sahaja..?

Salam dan Solawat!


Artikel bukan ditulis oleh Brado Kapak. Artikel telah ditulis oleh Tun Farul Azri.


Kalau dunia US boleh tipu...MH370 bagaimana?

The 9/11 Passenger Paradox: What happened to Flight 93?

Dean Hartwell (with Jim Fetzer)

Once the fabrication of all four of the alleged 9/11 crash sites (which I have documented in “9/11: Planes/No Planes and ‘Video Fakery”) begins to sink in, the question which invariably arises is, “But what happened to the passengers?” Since Flights 11 and 77 were not even in the air that day, it seems no stretch to infer that the identities of the passengers on non-existent flights were just as phony as the flights themselves: no planes, no passengers. But we also know that Flights 93 and 175 were in the air that day, even though–astonishingly enough, for those who have never taken a close look at the evidence–they were not de-registered by the FAA until 28 September 2005, which raises the double-questions of how planes that were not in the air could have crashed or how planes that crashed could still have been in the air four years later?

Pilots for 9/11 Truth has confirmed that Flight 93 was in the air, but over Urbana, IL, far from the location of its alleged “crash” in Shanksville, PA; just as Flight 175 was also in the air, but over Pittsburgh, PA, removed from the South Tower at the time it was purportedly entering the building, which–unless the same plane can be in two places at the same time–established that some kind of “video fakery” was taking place in New York, as I have explained in many places. As a complement to the new study of the Pentagon attack by Dennis Cimino, “9/11: The official account of the Pentagon attack is a fantasy”, Dean Hartwell, J.D., has considerably expanded our understanding of questions about the passengers, where the manifests may include a mix of the dead and the non-existent, as well as some who may have been killed by the government to make their Hollywood-style event a bit more realistic and emotional. In the methodical fashion of an attorney presenting his case, Dean outlines the crucial questions and the most likely answers, where problems nevertheless abound. My opinion is that these three studies constitute a “one-two-three punch” from which the “official account” can never recover. From beginning to end, 9/11 was a fabricated event.

And, in case anyone entertains any lingering doubts, two of the most powerful indications of fakery and fraud are to be found in the punishment trial of Zacharias Moussaoui, the alleged “20th hijacker”, in Arlington, VA, in April 2006, which Scholars wrote about at the time. He was convicted in April 2005 of having been involved in the 1993 attack on the Twin Towers, but in April 2006 he was being punished for having been involved in the 2001 attack–a federal judicial “shell game” of immense proportions. The trial was used to introduce emotional testimony about the passengers aboard Flight 93 plotting to use a drink cart to break through the cabin door, which was picked up by the Cockpit Voice Recorder. But, as Allan Green, a member of Scholars, noted, CVRs do not record voices in the passenger compartment. A second blunder was noticed by a Muslim member of Scholars, Muhammad Columbo. The last words the “hijackers” on the tape are recorded as having said are “Allah akbar! Allah akbar!” (“God is great! God is great!”). But as he explained, “The last words of a Muslim cannot be these! They are used in the call to prayer or in an attack at war. On the moment of death, a Muslim must confirm that ‘There is but one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet!” Which means that those who were composing this script did not know enough to get it right.

The most telling indication that the Shanksville crash site was faked, in my opinion, is what was not done as opposed to what was. Flight 93 is supposed to have completely disappeared because the ground was very soft from past mining operations. Indeed, on some versions, the plane completely disappeared into an abandoned mine shaft. But we know what to do with miners who are trapped in mine shafts. We bring out the bright lights and heavy equipment and dig, 24/7, in the hope that, by some miracle, someone might have survived. That it was not done in this instance tells us that there was no point in even faking such an op, which would have exposed that there was no plane there and no passengers to rescue. Think of the spectacular television coverage had such a “rescue attempt” been undertaken. They even trimmed the burnt trees and shrubs to make sure that they could not be subjected to chemical analysis to determine whether the damage had been caused by jet-fuel based fires. Such were the efforts of the “first responders” to save the lives or recover the bodies of the passengers. Subsequent studies by the EPA of the crash site have confirmed that there was no residue from the jet fuel that would have been pervasive had a Boeing 757 actually crashed there. Research on the “crash sites” thus appears to be pure dynamite in blowing the “official account” of 9/11 out of the water.

DEAN HARTWELL: The 9/11 Passenger Paradox

According to the official version of events, forty-three people, including the crew members, boarded United 93 on the morning of September 11, 2001. The flight took off from Newark airport with San Francisco as its destination.

During the flight, four hijackers took over the aircraft. After making calls from the airplane to relatives, several passengers rushed the hijackers in an attempt to wrest control of the plane back. Ultimately, the plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board.

Investigators found human remains in Shanksville and declared that the remains matched DNA samples given by the passengers’ families. Copies of the manifest and boarding passes show the names of passengers who took the flight.

Facts That Contradict the Official Story

The flight was airborne over the Midwest after the alleged crash in Shanksville (see below).

Wallace Miller, Coroner of Somerset County (which includes Shanksville) and one of the first to arrive at the “crash” scene, said of the area, “This is the most eerie thing,” he says. “I have not, to this day, seen a single drop of blood. Not a drop.”

Miller also reportedly said that it “looked like someone took a scrap truck, dug a 10-foot ditch and dumped all this trash into it…I stopped being coroner after about 20 minutes, because there were no bodies there. It became like a giant funeral service.”

No independent source has identified remains of any of the flight’s passengers.

Did the alleged hijackers use their real names?

David Ray Griffin speaks of the “hijackers” (whose names appear on the manifest available) in his first point in his book The 9/11 Commission: Omissions and Distortions. He states that at least six of the hijackers showed up alive and well after 9/11! Do we need any further reason to believe that anyone took over planes and used them in suicidal attacks that day?

MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: The fact that several of the “hijackers” turned up alive makes it obvious that some passengers boarded using the “hijacker” names. Instead of relatives saying that the “hijackers” called them, some of them said their relative was alive!

How Do We Know Who Boarded This Plane?
Jack White quotes expert pilot John Lear, who shared information that calls into question whether the manifest available for Flight 93 is the final one. He says that passenger flights have, as required by the Federal Aviation Administration, what is called “The Envelope.” The Envelope contains “the final passenger manifest, the destination, the amount of fuel on board, the names of the pilot and flight attendants, etc., and the time the DOOR OF THE AIRCRAFT WAS CLOSED.” According to Lear, the chief pilot signs the document.

Could changes in the flight manifest have been made between the time of the generation of the publicly available manifest, noted above, and the time of the aircraft door’s final closing?

White continues his recitation of Lear’s words:

The passenger manifest (a printout of pre-ticketed passengers) may be augmented by the chief flight attendant if passengers do not show up, or late arrivals are added. The manifest in THE ENVELOPE would include the names of hijackers, if pre-ticketed, or their written in aliases if added at the last moment by hand. In any event, every person on board would be accounted for.

Was there a second boarding or deplaning of any passengers before take-off?

This becomes a realistic possibility because there were two departure times for the flight – 8:28 AM (ACARS) and 8:42 AM (BTS). Phil Jayhan of the Internet forum, Let’s Roll Forums, explains why the BTS, the official record, only shows one:

“Why not two different times in the BTS database? We have two separate groups of passengers. One group of people that boarded flight 93 at the terminal boarding ramp. And another group of people which boarded on the tarmac. The way that the **ACARS system works in an airplane is that when the brake is released, whether there is movement to the aircraft or not, it records an away time. The morning of 9/11, there were two of these recorded for flight 93, which might simply be another confirmation that flight 93 picked up two groups of people on 9/11 at two separate locations at Newark International Airport.”

Hypothesis: After the passengers boarded the plane at the terminal (gate 17), the plane moved forward a short distance and then stopped at the tarmac. The passengers who would make calls deplaned at the tarmac. The pilot then released the brake at 8:28 AM (setting the departure time under ACARS) and moved to taxi, taking off (aka “wheels off”) at 8:42 AM, setting the BTS departure time then. The people remaining on the plane continued in flight after the “crash” in Shanksville.

The callers used cell phones from a ground location, which had a much greater chance of working than calls from the airplane. Some of these calls were recorded and provide proof that calls were made. Alternatively, the calls could have been recorded prior to the flight and played to relatives.

This hypothesis explains the long gap in time between the scheduled departure time of 8:01 AM and the BTS departure time of 8:42 AM. It also explains the other departure time frequently given for this departure (8:28 AM). The passengers likely boarded in anticipation of an 8:01 take-off. The callers then likely got up to leave.

The usual boarding issues and their explanation for leaving (perhaps illness) and the resulting shuffle to get them out the door on the tarmac stalled some of the time. According to media reports, a witness (NY Giant football player Clayton White who took flight to New Jersey after Monday Night Football in Denver the prior night), saw passengers on the tarmac during this time.

MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: Passengers boarded the plane but some of them deplaned from United 93 at 8:28 AM. The manifest and copies of boarding passes show the names passengers gave to the airline. Lear’s assertions on manifests and flight policy show the opportunity of how passengers could have boarded under false names and how names could have been altered.

Who allegedly made phone calls, what types of phones were used and were the calls recorded?

Todd Beamer (air phone)

Mark Bingham (cell to aunt and air phone to mother)

Sandy Bradshaw (cell)

Marion Britton (cell)

Thomas Burnett (cell, recorded?)

Joseph DeLuca (?)

Edward Felt (cell)

Jeremy Glick (recorded?)

Lauren Grandcolas (air phone, recorded)

Linda Grunland (?)

Cee Cee Lyles (cell, recorded)

Honor Wainio (?)

Were Calls Possible from United 93?

David Ray Griffin explains the utter lack of consistency in the official explanations of phone calls on the planes associated with 9/11. He does a great job explaining how the FBI at first remained silent as to what phones were used from the planes.

He then shows the chronology of A.K. Dewdney’s report (which made it clear that cell phone calls at that time in history were only reasonably possible at altitudes of less than 2,000 feet) to the subsequent FBI report which changed many of the calls from cell to air phone.

From Griffin’s analysis of the work of researchers like Dewdney, we can easily surmise that the official story on the number of cell phones (now given by the FBI as mostly air phone) changed drastically after it became known publicly the difficulty in getting cell phones to work at typical airplane altitudes.

More issues about the alleged phone calls from United 93 arise upon inspection of information provided by the government at the Moussaoui trial in 2006:

(1) One call allegedly went past the time of the Shanksville “crash”, Todd Beamer’s last call on United 93. Furthermore, Beamer’s call could not have happened when it purportedly did because the government’s own records show him making this call and another call from the same phone AT THE SAME SECOND!

(2) No records of calls are sourced to the companies that provided them. This fact calls into question the authenticity of the calls.

(3) Lisa Jefferson, who reportedly took Beamer’s call, failed to mention the phrase “Let’s roll” in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which introduced the heroics of Beamer and others on the flight. She also had never before heard Beamer’s voice.

(4) In fact, the FBI delayed bringing out the story of “Let’s Roll” and the passengers “fighting back” and apparently only did so to stop the story of a flight shoot-down from gaining momentum.

(5) The government, without saying as much, switched several calls in the official account from cell to air.

MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: There were no cell phone calls from the airplane of United 93. And air phones were not available on Boeing 757s in 2001. The additional consideration, even if one were to believe those calls were possible, regardless of type or where they came from, is in the substance of the statements alleged and their inconsistencies. The callers, whoever they were, whatever phones they used and wherever they called from, gave false information to passenger relatives at the behest of the plotters. No reliable records show any calls having gone to Lisa Jefferson. It is likely that Jefferson was persuaded or coerced to give false reports to the media.

Who are the Relatives?

The reaction of the relatives of the passengers to the news of the plane crashes can best be described as perplexing. None of the passenger’s relatives arrived at San Francisco airport, as is common when plane crashes take place. In an accident that took place in Taipei involving a plane that was destined for Los Angeles, the airport set up a Counseling Center for the relatives of the victims.

What then were the relatives’ roles?

If the passengers used real names and made calls, they had to:

a) deceive the relatives OR

b) participate in a simulation or otherwise work with the relatives in holding conversations under false pretenses

Deception of the relatives could have taken place. However, with all of the information out about the details of the phone calls, it would seem likely that at least one of the deceived relatives would question the 9/11 matter publicly. If the relatives had been deceived, they would have believed the passenger calls were real. Under this scenario, it is hard to believe that none of the relatives in the San Francisco area would show up as bereaved relatives usually do.
As there were many simulations on 9/11, the plotters may well have planned one for United 93 passengers. Knowledge on the part of the relatives of the plot could explain how this part of the plot worked easily (none of the relatives apparently questioned what they said or who they were). Of course, it adds to the number of people who must be paid off or killed.

The callers may have been asked to participate in a simulation of a plane hijacking. It would have required some acting skills. This challenge would explain several questionable statements allegedly made by some of them. Here are some examples that do not by themselves prove the calls were fraudulent, but certainly suggest it:

A caller claiming to be passenger Mark Bingham said:

Caller: “Mom? This is Mark Bingham. I want you to know that I love you. I’m on a flight from Newark to San Francisco and there are three guys who have taken over the plane and they say they have a bomb.”

Alice: “Who are these guys?

Caller: (after a pause) “You believe me, don’t you?

Alice: “Yes, Mark. I believe you. But who are these guys?

Another supposed caller, Jeremy Glick said, when asked if he and others were going to fight back against the hijackers, “I have my butter knife from breakfast.” According to Dewdney:

“This is strange because it implies that the caller had already finished breakfast, whereas meals are not normally served until the aircraft reaches cruising altitude, about the time that the alleged hijacking began.”

A caller who said he was Todd Beamer talked to a Verizon operator, Lisa Jefferson, for fifteen minutes instead of preparing to take on the “terrorists” with other passengers.

MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: The callers more likely made the calls as part of a simulation than as a flat-out deception of relatives. To believe in the theory of the use of deception, one would have to believe that (a) none of the relatives discovered they had been lied to and (b) the same relatives would agree to keep silent about the deception.

Why were the calls so important?

If the hijackings and plane crashes never happened, then what were the phone calls all about?

The calls were used to advance the “fact” that the hijackings and crashes happened. Of secondary importance are what phones were used and where the calls were made from.

These calls are part of what holds the official theory together. The plotters needed to make sure the calls got through and the information about hijackers was conveyed.

Whose Remains Were at Shanksville?

Here are the most relevant facts about the “crash scene” :

There were no traces of the United 93 plane at that location.

Officials claimed there were sufficient human remains to match with DNA samples even though UA93 and UA175 were airborne after the times of their alleged “crashes”.

Several news articles report human remains identified at the scene of Shanksville.

We also know that the FBI was in charge of the area, giving the agency the authority to declare who could and who could not either approach or photograph the “crash scene”.

How were the victims at the Shanksville “crash” scene “identified”?

DNA testing requires a sample from a victim at the “scene” and a sample from the victim or a close relative from somewhere else (usually given by family).

An agent (of the plot) would likely retrieve sample from the “scene” of the victim’s death.

The Agent would give samples to the tester. (The tester, as one who would follow standard procedures, would not have any reason to go to the scene nor to question the Agent).

The agent would also go to the family to ask for samples (ex: hair, toothbrush, etc.)

The agent would then give the family sample to the tester.

If the tester were in on plot, the tests could be easily rigged. But the tester’s statements to the media are needed. If something “happened” to the tester, it would cause too much suspicion. The tester would be suspicious if “scene” samples did not have appearance of involvement in plane crash.

Elias Davidsson points to a lack of a “chain of custody.” This is a legal principle which directs those who investigate a crime to document (1) how and where they find evidence and (2) how the evidence got to the point of the hearing.

He states that “there is no indication that a proper chain of custody between the crash sites and the final disposition of bodily remains had been established by the FBI, as required in criminal cases. The 9/11 Commission did not refer to any such documentation.

With no solid chain of custody, a prosecutor (the state) can conceivably bring just about any piece of evidence to the attention of the jury. And when the public is the jury with no judge to referee, the state can use this opportunity to perpetuate a false story.

Davidsson names the evidence that the government should have shown to us if it really had a case that could be proven as to the people that boarded the planes:

In order to prove that particular individuals actually boarded the aircraft and died at the known crash sites, at least three types of evidence could and should have been produced: Authenticated passenger lists (or flight manifests) displaying their names, identification of the suspects as they boarded the aircraft and identification of their bodily remains from the crash sites.

What appearance did the remains at Shanksville have?

Miller said it took several days to get good samples (i.e. body parts not recognizable) and that the passengers were “essentially cremated upon impact.”

The cremated remains could have been distributed around the Shanksville site with some FBI agents allowing the plotters onto the land.

Could the United 93 passengers have been killed and cremated for this purpose?

Probably not. Cremation by law must be done one body at a time and each body takes several hours. Even an unofficial “cremation” would take too long for the plotters, considering the number of bodies (43) needed.

Hypothesis: The plotters used cremation remains of those who died before 9/11.

Issue: How would plotters get the DNA ”samples” of the same deceased persons?

Answer: The plotters could have run a phony company that provides or cleans ceremonial caskets for the deceased prior to cremation. The company could have collected “hair samples” that would match those recently cremated:

“Many funeral homes offer a hardwood ceremonial casket for viewing or funeral services prior to cremation. The ceremonial (or rental) casket is specifically designed to provide a very aesthetically pleasing, affordable and environmentally prudent alternative to purchasing a casket for a cremation service.”

MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: The remains were planted at Shanksville. The remains could not have been those of the passengers. No plane with passengers crashed at Shanksville. It would also be hard to deceive the DNA testers.

What happened to United 93?

What if we could find out if messages were sent to the planes that flew and pinpoint when they were sent? What if we could ascertain whether the plane corresponding to this flight received any of these messages? What if any of the messages were AFTER the time the plane allegedly crashed?

We can do that! There is a device used to send messages to and from an aircraft. It is called ACARS, the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System.

Thanks to the work of Pilots for 9/11 Truth and others, we know that the ACARS messages sent to Flight 93 indicate that the plane was heading west over Illinois several minutes after it supposedly “crashed” in Pennsylvania! Pilots for 9/11 Truth found that messages sent after the time of the crash were received by United 93 at ground stations far away from Shanksville. They said that the aircraft would not have had messages routed through the ground stations that were actually used “if it were en route to crash in Shanksville, PA.”

For that reason alone, we know that United 93 did not crash in Pennsylvania. For that reason alone, we know that 43 people were not killed in a Shanksville crash. For that reason alone, we can call off the official story and continue our search for the real history of this day’s event.

There are other reasons to disbelieve the crash story. In the words of Col. George Nelson, USAF (ret.), had United 93 crashed in Shanksville “there would have [been] literally hundreds of serially-controlled time-change parts within the hole that would have proved beyond any shadow of doubt the precise tail-number or identity of the aircraft.” Yet, as with identification of the passengers, our government has not shown what would be easily understood and conclusive evidence.

MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: The evidence proves that United 93 flew to the Midwest and was last positively traced over Illinois minutes after the “crash” in Shanksville. The “footprints” of the plane and passenger ends here.

Where did United 93 and its passengers land?

From here on it is speculation. The best guess is Cleveland due to its proximity to United 93’s last known position and evidence of irregular activity there.

What happened? Plotters needed to make sure about 30 people did not get away. The passengers may not have been aware of what had happened during the time of the flight as they did not make calls.

They would have left the plane about 11:00 AM and may have been led to a NASA building. The plotters had to keep them away from their cell phones and the news for as long as possible. The plotters knew that the passengers would eventually find out that they had traveled on a flight that would be tied to the official story. At that point, the passengers would no longer have felt safe.

Can anyone tell us what happened to the passengers?

The passengers have not spoken and the plotters will not speak. That leaves the relatives as the only group of people who may know what happened.

Hypothesis I: The relatives received no notice before receiving the calls from the passengers.

If that is the case, then the relatives were left out of the plan and thus had no leverage as to the fate of the passengers. Most likely, the passengers are dead.

Hypothesis II: The relatives received notice about the calls before receiving them.

If that is the case, then the relatives may have been (coerced?) into a deal: for their silence, they would receive assurances that the passengers would not be harmed.

MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: Unknown. Only the relatives can tell us anything about this topic.

Conclusion: The Passenger Paradox

IF the passengers took the flights under their true identities, THEN: a) they were killed in Cleveland or b) they received new identities.

Problem with a) The relatives would be furious that the government lied to them about what happened and would be responsible for the deaths of the passengers. But the families appear to stand with the government.

Problem with b) The relatives would demand contact with the passengers, which could create difficulties in keeping what would be a secret. It would only take one “outed” passenger to ruin the whole cover story.

IF the passengers took the flights under assumed identities, THEN they could return to society in their old or different identities.

Problem: Close friends and family would know the old identities. In an era of the Internet and the availability of records, this might not be too hard for the public to discover.

IF the passengers deplaned United 93 at the tarmac, THEN they could return to society quickly provided that their identity as a passenger be different than their commonly used name AND the pictures shown of them are faked.

Problem: This would mean a lot of false passenger names and a lot of false relatives, though it does not foreclose the possibility of some real passengers who go to Cleveland (see the first paradox). The key for the plotters would be to make sure the fake pictures of “passengers” get to the public quickly to create images of people who do not exist. So the public would look in all the wrong places.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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Aku mengambil keputusan untuk tidak mahu lagi dibebani dengan KEPLASTIKAN mereka lagi dan berhenti/mengurangkan penulisan aku mengenai politik negara.Kerana ianya adalah lebih baik untuk semua pihak termasuk diri aku sendiri.

Aku belum pasti kearah mana tulisan blog ini akan aku bawa selepas ini,tapi yang pasti aku sudah tidak punya selera untuk membincangkan pasal politik negara yang melibatkan ORANG MELAYU.

Mungkin aku perlukan masa untuk menilai semula keberadaan aku dialam maya ini dan memikirkan apa yang mampu aku sumbangkan kearah kesejahteraan umat sejagat.



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