The PM's Screwup Team - Senarai Pegawai Pemandu, Bersih Supporters Etc

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I received an early morning sms asking me to check my e mail. The email had the following pictures from Pemandu as well as the following message :

"Here's the list of the 'Drivers' who are screwing the PM. Donno whether exposing the list could do us any good but... I donno what else to do. 

These young people are made Senior Officers and actually rule the country on behalf of the PM.

If you know them personally, you will find that some of them are supporters of BERSIH.

They are from Zaid Ibrahim and Co., Singapore's Price Waterhouse and all over the place. 

Looks like the PM really believes that the Malay nationalists can never fit to be his advisors and that only the Chinese, Pan Asians or the liberalists have the real brains.
Well, I don't mind that 'real brains' screwing him...I just hate to see them screwing the country. 
Somebody needs to remind the PM that it was the Malay nationalists that took us to where we are. And there are many more Malay nationalists in the corporate sectors whose brains may not be as good as Tun Daim's or Tun M's, but they definitely have way much better brains than the morons in the list who let the dogs (EO gangsters) out and donno what to do next. The PM just needs to use his heart to look for them. "

Well out of 17 people in the list above - 9 are Chinese and two are Indian. Melayu enam orang saja. I dont want to come across as racist - I am most certainly not a racist, you should know by now (I dont like Arabs not because they are Arabs but because they screw up so much, so that does not count ok. Same applies for Indians and Pakistanis).

However takkan the most sensitive department under the purview of the Prime Minister of a country where Malays and bumiputras make up over 60% of the population can only find six Malays (and no other bumiputras) in Pemandu - the department that is leading the charge in screwing up the country.
Again not being racist but just using my common sense ok - the Prime Minister's Department and the Prime Minister's Office are the Ground Zero of UMNO and BN leadership. This is where the prow of the perahu Melayu, the bow of the ship cuts the waves. The PM's Office and the PM's Department.

Dont you want to have people around you who can capture the spirit of the BN as well as the spirit of UMNO? 

Referring to the e mail that I received, it is NOT a crime to be a supporter of the DAP or the Pakatan. Neither is it a crime to be a supporter of the Bersih although they do commit crimes once in a while.

But it has been proven in the last General Elections that the Chinese and large segments of the Indians voted almost completely for the Opposition. They want to bring the BN Gomen down. These are facts. Dont try to deny this simple fact. (Here is my proof - all you Chinese and Indians who voted for the BN please raise your hands. No one? Not even one? Thats my proof.)

So what makes you think that these 11 Chinese and Indians occupying the most senior positions in the innermost sanctum of the BN's power base (aka the Prime Minister's Department) voted for the BN?

You know, I know, your neighbours cat knows that the majority of these people would have voted for the Opposition. Yet they occupy senior positions in Pemandu.

What assurances do I have - as a BN and UMNO supporter - that these people will NOT sabotage the Gomen of Dato Sewel Najib Tun Razak from the inside?

( Gambar asal APA tak siarkan)

Boleh jawab tak?

They abolished the EO. So the gangsters are shooting everyone. Crime is going haywire. The Gomen is lying if they say crime is going down. Last nite there was a snatch and grab with parang in our Taman in Bukit Jalil. They waited for the people to come home and rushed in as the auto gates were opened. The same thing happened again in our Taman on Monday. And we are a gated community.

And now the Gomen is asking Idris Jala to craft another new law to replace the EO? What the hell is going on? Idris Jala is a HR guy. He is not a legal guy at all.

The Pemandu is also in charge of the Transformation Programs. Transformation kepala hotak apa?

Petronas is cancelling the RM63.0 Billion Rapid project. The Ringgit has fallen down to RM2.60 against the Singapore Dollar. Mampus kita.

The international Rating Agencies are downgrading our sovereign and credit ratings. Soon we will be near junk bond rating.

Our exports are falling. The Gomen itself has downgraded the economic growth figures by a full half percent (0.5%). So what economic transformation are you talking about?

Now we find out that the Pemandu is staffed by Opposition supporters, (who is the Bersih fellow?) ex Ethos dunggus and other crapheads.

Woi kawan2 UMNO, Perkasa, Blogger pro UMNO, Blogger pro Kerajaan - macam ni saja lah. Elok kau orang pi mampus saja lah. Kau orang ingat kau dok berjuang untuk parti, agama, bangsa, negara, negeri, daerah, tiub pancit dan entah ape lagi. Awak semua dah kena liwat dari belakang. Kau orang semua dok pandang ke depan. Tapi ulat besar dah tebuk nangka dari belakang. Bila pemimpin sendiri dah dunggu macam ini, apa yang akan jadi nasib kita semua? Lingkup.


Prince of Noob said...

apa kata kawan2 umno, perkasa, blogger umno, blogger kerajaan, pekida semua bukak satu parti melayu baru dan pilih pemimpin melayu yg berwibawa dan betul2 memperjuangkan melayu

Anonymous said...

tergelak aku baca post ni. dah la facts salah. kalo korang ikut perkembangan pemandu dah obvious la pemandu tu ada lebih daripada 17 orang. So tolong la buat research dulu sebelum post benda2 ni. papehal pun syabas sebab korang berusaha untuk bekalkan bahan hiburan yang orang gelak

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