Dissension In The Ranks

Just when you thought that there was a lull and that the PM would be enjoying his holiday in the South of France the dissension among his own ranks is now breaking out into the open.

The feeling that the PM does not know the good things from the bad things or the not so good things is now being voiced openly by his own Cabinet Ministers, UMNO MPs and other BN MPs. 

The strong statement by Chua Soi Lek that MCA would not support the "unilateral religious conversionn bill" and the endorsement of Chua's stand by the MIC sent shockwaves into the PM's Office. Imagine if the Bill had gone for the vote in Parliament and the MIC and MCA had voted against it? The Goverment would have been embarrassed. 

The Bill was withdrawn at the last minute and the PM's team have had to eat crow.  

The question is why did the controversial Bill come up in the first place? The Bill will definitely kill 1 Malaysia (Satu Malaysia)? And how could the Cabinet have approved it? And then why did Nazri and Subramniam subsequently talk against the Bill?  This is not indicative of a good command and control system.

Then the appointment of Azeez Rahim as Chairman of Tabung Haji has attracted a series of exposes and criticisms from many and not just the Blogs (including this Blog).  Malaysian Insider says,  
  • "most of the vitriol against (Azeez)  is coming from his own party.  ..  
  • In the eyes of Umno politicians, the choice by Najib for chairman of Tabung Haji lacks the experience, wisdom, qualifications and does not have the standing to head an organisation which sits on a fund totalling RM35 billion..  ..
  • The more biting criticisms link his appointment to his cozy relationship with the First Family and as a payback for his ability to make embarrassing issues for the rich and powerful disappear.
  • an indication that the days of Najib getting a pass from his own party are over
  • The PM himself has stayed silent on the matter, knowing that the current mood in Umno is one of restlessness and unhappiness and that sentiment is rooted more in BN’s performance in the elections and the less-than-stellar performance of the government since the May 5 elections.
I think Tabung Haji has serious problems that need drastic change at the leadership. Just like the rest of Government, the Cabinet and the GLCs - there needs to be a complete and thorough overhaul. Not only the Chairman has become controversial but the entire leadership of Tabung Haji has to be relooked - from the BOD, CEO and downwards. This is going to be another lingering problem for the PM. I think it may be too late now.

Then there is open disagreement by the Minister of Home Affairs Zahid Hamidi about abolishing the Sedition Act.  Zahid has said point blank that he is against the repeal of the Sedition Act. 

After the poorly thought repeal of the ISA and the Emergency Ordinance in July last year, there is now widespread public concern that the Police and the Government cannot curb organised crime or take pre-emptive action against criminal activity. Now there are strong voices calling for the reinstatement of the Emergency Ordinance.

So the PM's announcement that the Sedition Act would also be repealed as part of "his government’s transformation programme" is being questioned publicly by his own Home Minister.  

Over in Sabah there is an almost open revolt developing against the PM. Leading the pack are a few people including our famous Bung Mokhtar Radin the YB from Kinabatangan. 

Bung Mokhtar certainly seems to have a continuing and growing resentment. Here is his latest outburst against the PM:
  • "Develop my constituency within five years or I quit!" - this was the ultimatum issued by Bung Mokhtar to Najib. 
  • "if govt doesn't give constituents good roads, I will not contest any more," 
  • "I will speak when I feel there is an issue that needs to be addressed, I don’t care if it’s against the opposition, government or individuals,” he said.
Four years ago, after Badawi was kicked out of office, a few of us Bloggers met the PM  and told him many things (especially people) he should avoid, things he should do and things he should fix.  Obviously he did not think our views were relevant. Now all the black crows that we warned him about are coming home to roost.  

When the candidates list came out, many people pointed out the utter confusion in selecting some of the candidates. The results of the PRU13 elections also were partly due to the candidates list. 

After that everyone waited for the Cabinet appointments. This was quite a shocker as well. The appointment of Waythamoorthy as a Deputy Minister is still mindboggling. No one knows what has happened to Waythamoorthy since becoming a Deputy Minister. They say that Waytha has a support base of 50 people only.  Just who does Waythamoorthy represent? 

The reappointment of beyond shelf life Ministers, the resurrection of back from the dead  Ministers and the reappointment of duds in the Cabinet has cast a pall over our future. 

Very controversial and non performing Ministers who had been dropped were reappointed into positions of influence and power - as Chairpersons of this and that. 

The GLCs are hitting the headlines again and  again for all the wrong reasons. Extravagant spending, poor or no returns, dubious billion Ringgit projects, middlemen and commission agents ripping off millions, GLC executives living the high life with no great achievements under their belt and all sorts of crap are still going on. 

Yesterday Blogger Sri Tri Buana blogged about 'Leaders' qualities'. He quotes Napoleon Bonaparte :

"An army of lions led by a stag would never be an army of lions."
Napoleon Bonaparte.

I beg to differ slightly with Napoleon Bonaparte.  Wouldnt a stag be on the lions' menu? I mean what goes on in the minds of lions when they look upon the stag?


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