COPE TIGER tidak ghairah macam TIGER SHOW

MH370 boleh hilang ditengah tengah kesibukan 3 negara sedang bersedia untuk melakukan latihan udara mereka.Masuk akal ke kalau mereka tidak mengesan "Pesawat Bodoh MH370" melalui atau menghampiri kawasan latihan mereka?

Atau latihan 3 negara ini segaja diadakan untuk "mengabui" mata kita supaya senang David Copperfield nak melakukan "ilusi menghilangkan Boeing 777-200"?

Emak lu punya barang kemas lah !!!!

Thai, Singaporean and American airmen muster on the flight line: A-10 Warthogs, JAS-39 Gripens, and F-15SG Strike Eagle aircraft rest poised behind them – exercise Cope Tiger has begun.

For two weeks, airmen of the three nations, will collaborate to improve combat readiness and combined interoperability during Cope Tiger 14. These weeks would see incredible examples of teamwork and extraordinary feats of synergy.

All of this is done in the pursuit of increasing multinational cooperation and strengthening multinational partnerships.

Celebrating its 20 year anniversary, Cope Tiger is a major trilateral exercise involving Thailand, Singapore and the United States. The exercise develops and improves combat readiness and combined/joint interoperability, while demonstrating U.S. resolve to support regional security and humanitarian interests.

Mission complete: A Republic of Singapore Air Force C-130 returns from a training mission at Cope Tiger 13 at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand. [U.S. Air Force photo/2nd Lt. Jake Bailey]

Cope Tiger consists of two phases: a command post exercise, carried out at the Multinational Operations and Exercises Center in Changi Naval Base, Singapore, followed by a live flying training exercise, held at Korat Air Base, Thailand. What began as an air-to-air and air-to-ground combat mission exercise has evolved to include dissimilar basic fighter maneuver training, air combat tactics training, close air support training, tactical airdrop training, large force employment training, combat search and rescue, and humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

The last 20 years have seen remarkable increases in participation from all parties, including both personnel and aircraft. Cope Tiger 2013 boasted 2,300 personnel and 80 aircraft fielded for the exercise.

To enhance the combat readiness improvements made, each participating nation continues to bring new and innovative technology to the fight. 2012 marked the maiden flights of the Royal Thai Air Force’s [RTAF] JAS-39 Gripens and the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s [RSAF] F-15SGs.

Additionally, the RSAF’s Python-5 and Derby [SPYDER] ground-based air defense systems made its debut in 2013. While increases in participation and equipment have been both impressive and rewarding, the true benefit of the exercise is its progressive multilateral military cooperation.

Multi-national training: Participants from the Royal Thai Air Force, Republic of Singapore Air Force and U.S. Air Force attend a multilateral in-brief during Cope Tiger 13 at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand. [U.S. Air Force photo/2nd Lt. Jake Bailey]

Gains in increased interoperability are evident in the sheer number of mission sets and sorties that the trilateral forces are able to generate; 919 sorties were flown during Cope Tiger 2013. Last year’s iteration featured a massive multinational parachute jump. Employing U.S. Air Force [USAF] C-17s and C-130s, more than 240 RTAF/Royal Thai Army, and USAF personnel were ferried to a drop zone at Lop Buri, Thailand. It was the largest airborne operation in Cope Tiger history.

Long history of regional partnership

Thailand was the first Asian nation to formalize diplomatic relations with the United States in 1833 and bilateral ties have continued to deepen and grow stronger since then. Thailand and the U.S. are signatories of the 1954 Manila Pact, which combined with the 2012 Joint Vision Statement for the Thai-U.S. Defense Alliance, are the basis of U.S. security commitments to Thailand.

Over their 180-year history of friendship and cooperation, Thailand and the U.S. have developed a joint military exercise program which engages all armed services and averages 40 bilateral and multilateral exercises per year. Thailand is also a founding member of theAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations [ASEAN] and strongly supports the organization’s efforts to promote regional economic development, social integration, and stability. The U.S., as a member of the ASEAN Regional Forum, is dedicated to supporting Thailand in these efforts.

Closing ceremony: U.S. Air Force Gen. Hawk Carlisle departs the closing ceremony for Cope Tiger 13 at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand. [U.S. Air Force photo/2nd Lt. Jake Bailey]

The U.S. also remains committed to, and cooperates with, Singapore’s efforts as an ASEAN member. Singapore-U.S. defense cooperation has strengthened since the signing of the Strategic Framework Agreement in 2005, and both militaries interact regularly through bilateral/multilateral exercises, operations, training and technological collaboration. Singapore and the U.S. reached a 2013 agreement in which Singapore will host up to four U.S. littoral combat ships, deployed on a rotational basis at its naval facilities.

Expanding diplomatic relations, the Singapore-Thailand Enhanced Partnership [STEP] was created in 1997. STEP provides the framework for the long-term strategic partnership between ASEAN nations and is comprised of four pillars which include strong defense relations.

Thailand and Singapore both recently agreed to strengthen bilateral ties, increase cooperation and share common goals to achieve the ASEAN Political-Security Community[APSC] in 2015 – a comprehensive approach to security, acknowledging interwoven political, economic, social-cultural and environmental dimensions of development.

Whether through multilateral exercises such as Cope Tiger or economic and security cooperation, diplomatic ties among Thailand, Singapore and the U.S. continue to strengthen with each engagement. The shared bonds of these three nations allow them to present Southeast Asia with a powerful, unified presence.


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