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PM's Advisors Insult Mandela, Keep Bungling Along

I received this incredible sms from a friend who is quite a somebody in the Government. It says :

"Ges wat - news kat sinar kata PM tak pergi ke pengkebumian mandela sebab nak jimat kos! How stupid is that!!! Punahsihat betul." 

There is a follow up sms "Competency level of the stupid in PMO is beyond reach bro".

This refers to a radio news broadcast on Sinar FM today evening (9/12/2013) that the PM is not attending the late President Mandela's funeral on the 15th of December 2013 because the PMwants to cut costs

I could not believe my eyes. I called my friend to double check and he confirmed that was what was broadcast on Sinar FM. 

(I believe we are sending a Cabinet Minister and some officials to attend Mandela's funeral. Maybe they are travelling in the cargo hold of an Air Asia Airbus - to cut costs).

Unless Sinar FM faked the news or misreported it (it was a public newscast - we go by what we hear), or my friend faked the news (unlikely) this is an incredibly stupid, terribly insensitive thing to say in public.

Even if we had been invited to Chin Peng the Mass Murderer's funeral, you just do not say in public 'I am not coming to his funeral because I am cutting costs'.  It is just not a polite thing to be made known in public. It is very insulting. 

And this is President Nelson Mandela's funeral - perhaps the greatest icon our modern world has ever known. You are basically telling the people of South Africa (which has an embassy here) that our PM travelling to President Mandela's funeral is a waste of money. We will send a few machais instead.

The whole world knows that the PM does attend funerals. Here is a picture of the PM attending the funeral of some Arab guy : 

Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak attends the funeral of late Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz, at Imam Turki bin Abdullah mosque, on October 25, 2011 in Riyadh. World leaders, including rival Iran's foreign minister, poured into Riyadh to offer condolences on the death of Saudi Crown Prince, who passed away in the United States where he had been since mid-June for medical treatment. AFP PHOTO/FAYEZ NURELDINE (Photo credit should read FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images).

Maybe at that time the consultants had not been paid that RM7.2 Billion yet and 1MDB had not yet placed out that RM7.0 Billion in the Caymans. So there was no cost cutting yet.

Folks, the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) is really staffed by the worst bunch of nincompoop advisors ever. And here is their problem - they do not know it. They dont know just how dumb they are. 

That is why they can keep saying these types of crazy things in public and dont even realise what they have said. This is a pretty bad faux pas or blunder.

Now here is another example. I just surfed the PMO website looking for the latest Press Release. (The latest Press Release uploaded onto this site was three months ago in September!! That is how efficient the PMO's advisors are. They will probably start finger pointing and tai chi-ing as soon as they read this. "Its not my fault, itu Dato X punya responsibility). Here is a screenshot of the website :

Then I saw another major fux pas or booboo. Can you see part of that 'Poll' on the bottom right? It says 'Poll : Which country should be given priority as best friend of Malaysia?'

I couldnt believe my eyes again. This is the PM's Office. I clicked on the Poll and here is the pop up :

And here are the results todate:

This is another insensitive and stupid poll.  How can the Prime Minister's office even have considered putting up something like this? Please take it down immediately.

What is the purpose of asking this type of stupid question? Who shall be given priority as best friend of Malaysia? 

Here is the correct answer : We are best friends with everyone.  That is what all countries must say. Yesterday even the Israelis said that they are friends with Iran. They just disagree with some policies put forward by some politicians in Iran.

And why are there only five countries mentioned by name? Singapore tak ada? So are we enemies with Singapore? Thailand pun tak ada? Or Brunei. Are we telling the world that these neighbours (Singapore, Thailand, Brunei) are less important than say Saudi Arabia, USA or India?  Just masuk under "Others" !!

Here is my soalan cepu mas - and then what? What do we do with this type of useless information? Does it mean that we will only attend the funerals of the leaders of those countries that are tops on this Poll? (By the way thats China). 

Since the results of the Poll are also displayed for all the countries in the world to see, it simply means that the Prime Minister's Office is telling countries other than China that they are NOT our best friend. That is how it comes across. 

Who is the moron who thinks up these polls and who is the moron who approves all these polls? It cannot be the Prime Minister. It has to be one of those 'tak tahu cakap Inggeris', anti PPSMI duds. 

If any of you village idiots cannot understand the fuss, think of it this way. Imagine asking your own mother this question  : 'Ibu sila sebutkan anak mana yang ibu sayang sekali?'

This is exactly what you are saying here. What is the use of asking such stupid questions? Do you seriously expect ibu to answer that stupid question? Takkan ibu pun terencat akal?

Here is a list of the PMO's Press Releases. The last one they uploaded is dated 2nd September 2013. Today is already 10th December 2013. What wonderful efficiency.

There is a lake in Putrajaya - just in front of the PMO. Maybe the advisors should go jump in the lake.

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