Umno says “Please stab me, I really wanna die”

Umno (KJ) says “Please stab me, I really wanna die”

Source : Helen Ang

Yesterday the Prime Minister lamented that BN had “lost the perception war” and bemoaned how the slander and lies spread by the opposition are being believed.
Najib Razak even questioned the people’s lack of rationality, according to an FMTreport (see screenshot below).
The PM should take his query to the next step and delve into how it is that Malaysians have become so irrational.
It is so very true that so very much slander and such outrageous lies are being concocted by the opposition.
And the DAP SuperCyber Bullies are receiving the most enthusiastic promotion and publicity from The Jerusubang Star.
But what is the BN leadership doing about it?

See, The Star promoting anti-BN twits who mock Najib

The first thing the BN high command should do is compel the MCA to rein in the Chinese party’s backstabbing Chinese weapon of mass destruction DECEPTION. (There is only one Malay editor among The Star‘s 26 top jobs and she is merely anacting editor of a monthly fashion pullout Clove).
And should the MCA still be reluctant to blunt the scissors stabbing spree, then the position of the MCA in the BN must necessarily be reviewed.
The Star ranks among the biggest contributors to the perception war loss mentioned by Najib.
Please allow me to elaborate on certain facets in which Umno has succumbed to the slander and the lies.
See the two headlines below published by The Star — ‘Umno is not racist: Najib’ and ‘Muhyiddin: I’m no racist’.
Umno is not racist Najib - Nation The Star Online 2013-05-02 17-23-57
Muhyiddin Im no racist
Both headlines put the PM and his deputy on the defensive, and implicitly validate the DAP accusation which prompted their denials.
DAP has alleged that Umno is a “racist” party because it has an essentially mono-racial membership. Lim Kit Siang challenged: “Dr Mahathir should ask himself how many non-Malay leaders have been elected or appointed into the Umno Supreme Council to answer the question of who the real racists are.”
Kit Siang’s line of attack is repeated over and again Goebbels-like and chorused by his son Guan Eng and their coterie of DAP evangelistas.
This argument – as advanced by the Lims – is flawed because it is the BN that is the registered single entity contesting the general election. BN candidates belonging to various (‘multi’) races all stand under a one dacing logo.
Applying the same DAP logic, it then becomes PAS that is really the religiously bigoted party (“bigot” in an identical mono-religious vein that DAP has construed Umno to be “racist” because the latter is mono-racial).
However the DAP attacks are not effectively countered. Instead they have been diligently enhanced and entrenched by The Star.
Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s defensive posture “I’m no racist” – see screenshot of Star page above – comes from the success of the DAP assault saying that he is “Malaysian second” and “Malay first”.
In this regard DAP has successfully crafted a false premise.
Now how would I, for example, rebut the DAP? What I’d do is lob them a parallel question: If DAP must insist that Muhyiddin declare himself a Malaysian First and Malay second, we should equally demand to hear Hadi Awang similarly proclaim that he’s Malaysian First and Muslim second.
After all, it is the DAP themselves that are coercing such a construction of hierarchy of Firstness.
So how is it that this illogical posturing of the DAP has managed to gain so much traction as to put Umno, Najib and Muhyiddin on the backfoot?
BN “lost the perception war” as rued by Najib because the BN has allowed a mainstream media that can reach an audience of 5.63 million – and here’s the salt on the wound; it is owned by the second biggest BN component – to perpetuate the illogic and irrationality that serve to benefit the DAP and their strange bedfellows.
Column by Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan
Column by The Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan
Column by The Star associate editor
Column by The Star associate editor Veera Pandiyan
BN has allowed the DAP through its sympathetic mass propaganda organ to control the national narrative and direct the public discourse.
So yes, absolutely. Najib is 101 percent correct to say that BN lost the perception war. And BN will lose the next general election if it continues to allow this loss to lead to a fatal hemorrhage.

Sheer madness!

Yesterday The Unspinners and several other Malay alpha bloggers broke the story that Scissorati Regina Lee is to be appointed Khairy Jamaluddin’s press secretary.
KJ is the Minister of Youth and Sports.
There are millions of youth yet unregistered to become voters.
It is the first-time young voters who will determine the outcome of the next general election because there are so many of them. They reflect the momentum of Malaysia’s demographic march and furthermore underpin the urbanization trend (young people migrate to the cities to look for jobs).
By appointing notorious opposition supporter Regina Lee as press sec to the Youth Minister, it is as good as Umno handing a knife (no, make that the most lethal poison-tipped pair of scissors on the planet) to the DAP and pleading, please stab me, “Stab me please! I want to die.”

Dial_M_BlogThere is a famous saying,

“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”

It’s not too difficult to believe that Umno secretly harbours a death wish. Just look at the insane and self-destructive behaviour displayed by some of the Umno leaders.
The Youth and Sports Minister is appointing a Scissorati and practically giving her the key to unlock the millions of potential youth votes to be handed over to Pakatan.
DAP has made no bones that they intend to occupy Putrajaya. DAP has been going for the BN jugular and already despatched the MCA, Gerakan and SUPP with utter ruthlessness.
In GE14, they are going for the kill.
But Umno wants to deny the DAP that satisfaction. Hence Umno is prepared to commit harakiri first.


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