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Syed Akhbar Ali

I think the BN is going to lose the next elections. Things are not changing for the better. For example, just in today's papers it confirms the earlier rumour that the PM has appointed Dracula to be the Chairman of the blood bank? Mampus kita. Strike 1. Do read on.

Things are going the other way around - the bad habits have not been broken and the "not so beloved by the people" are being put in positions of power.  

It began with the Cabinet appointments. Not only are the wealthy and the deadwood still in the Cabinet but there are also those who were once accused of  'treasonous' behaviour.  

Until today no one can figure out why Waythamoorthy has been appointed a Deputy Minister. Dato Seri, apa sumbangan Waythamoorthy? He went to England to see the Queen to complain to her about the "cruelty" against Indians in Malaysia. I think the word 'genocide' was also mentioned. At that time he was the leader of the Hindraf.

And what happens ?  Waythamoorthy has been appointed to the Cabinet. On the other hand the people who have been loyally serving and fighting for the Gomen and the BN have not been appointed anywhere. 

So is it a requirement that you must first become treasonous, accuse our Tanah Air of all sorts of trash,  ask for help from another country against Malaysia and then you can get appointed to the Cabinet? Banyak cantik. 

Then after that Waytha says he will not work with the MIC - who have been the BN's most loyal partners possibly since before Waythamoorthy was born.   The appointment of Waythamoorthy is a huge mistake. The PM has really lost his marbles on that one. Strike 2.

And now there is a campaign going around that there will be no contest for the President and Deputy president's positions in UMNO.  This campaign is not popular among the grassroots and among the people.  Even during the time of Dr Mahathir I wrote against this practise in my newspaper column.  

And dont forget, in the present situation the party election is not as important anymore.  Before 2008 the General Elections were not as important. It was the UMNO party elections that were the most important elections. UMNO decided everything in the country. This is not true anymore. Sekarang  BN tinggal 133 kerusi saja. 2004 BN dapat 140 kerusi.   The General Elections are now much more important than the UMNO elections.  2018 BN akan tinggal kerusi meja di PWTC saja kut.  If that happens the Perhimpunan Agong UMNO will be about as relevant as the Gerakan Party elections or the Kelab Pencinta Basikal Roda Tiga elections. 

Sebenarnya kekawan, it should be the other way around. UMNO should amend the party constitution and say there must be contests for every position at every party election. Without fail.  This "no contest" thing is a bad habit that is killing democracy in the party. This is Strike 3. 

Dr Mahathir cleverly said in Tokyo recently that 'we have no other choice' but to support Dato Seri Najib as party president and Prime Minister.  

In other words, I think what Dr Mahathir is saying is if we have a choice, then of course we can consider someone else. But right now, we dont have any other choices.  

So someone or more than someone has to offer himself or be nominated as a candidate for party president. Then we will have a choice. Until then we will have no other choice. Inilah Dr Mahathir punya nakal

This is just like when there was doubt if Tokoh Liwat Negara would replace him as PM, Dr Mahathir  said quite tongue-in-cheek, 'whoever is my deputy shall replace me as the PM'.  

So if someone is nominated to contest the top posts, then we will have a choice. Until then we have no choice.

The post-mortem for the PRU13 also has to be done quickly.  The DPM Tan Sri Muhyuddin said it will be held in July. They better not mess up this one as well. The party wants serious change and serious heads to roll. 

Jangan pula tak ada pertandingan, tak ada post mortem dan tak ada apa pun.

And here is more sindiran politik. This time from Zam's Blog Zamkata :   ANTARA TAN SRI MICHELLE YEOH, ALLEYCATS DAN FAUZIAH NAWI

As you are aware Hong Kong and Hollywood actress Michelle Yeoh has been made a Tan Sri. A lot of people are questioning why?  (Some lucky people have also been awarded Tan Sri TWICE !! )

Coming back to Michelle Yeoh, Zam's blog highlights other Malaysian artistes who have contributed immensely to music, drama and theatre in Malaysia including The Alleycats and Fauziah Nawi. Fauziah Nawi is highly regarded even in Singapore whereas Alleycats have performed Malay songs all over the world. Sadly they have not even been awarded a Datukship.  Michelle Yeoh is a Tan Sri.  This is Strike No. 4.

Then today's news says that Michelle Yeoh has been appointed the "Mentor" for something called the IM4U program. It is a crime prevention initiative. The question is how much does Michelle Yeoh know about crime, street crime, crime prevention and things like that? She is an actress and she does not even live here permanently. 

Arent there other more capable and committed people in Malaysia who are better suited to handle this type of work? Kenapa pula balik2 Michelle Yeoh juga? Dah bagi Tan Sri sekarang jadi Mentor IM4U pula?  Strike No. 5.  This is as bad as appointing Waythamoorthy a Deputy Minister. Tak masuk akal. 

Here is something else I heard this morning : 'Ini semua mesti Rosmah punya kerja, gila glamour. Elitis."  I wish I could tell you who said this, nanti jadi 'kemaluan besar' pula.  But the perception is that Rosmah must have had a hand in picking Michelle Yeoh. She likes the glitzy and glamorous stuff.

Then over in Parpukari's House, Parpu has written this today :  WOW! KHAIRUN CHE ASEH DILANTIK SETPOL PM!  NAK UCAP TAHNIAH KE TAKZIAH NI?

This is typical Parpukari. Stinging straight to the point. Parpu's point is these are the same old players. These folks have already become rich and wealthy. Khairun Che Aseh is the son of Aseh Che Mat the former Immigration Boss who is now not a poor man at all. The son is now Ketua Pemuda of UMNO Putrajaya where the father is Chairman of Putrajaya Holdings.

The elites and their children are getting all the plum positions in the land. Tak ada  manusia lain daripada 28 juta penduduk Malaysia yang lebih layak. I think this is Strike 6.

If you are wondering what do all these strikes mean, well in American baseball if you miss hitting the ball three times (Strike 3) then you are out.  Ini dah Strike 6. 

And here is something pedas-pedas from Tun Dr Mahathir's latest Blog :

9. Tetapi tidak pada hari ini. Sekarang UMNO tidak lagi dipandang tinggi dan tidak lagi disokong seperti dahulu. Sesungguhnya ramai orang Melayu meluat dengan UMNO, anggapnya tidak lagi relevan dan perlu ditolak pun.

10. Kenapa? Kerana UMNO tidak lagi berjuang untuk bangsa, agama dan tanahair. UMNO ternampak dan memang pun benar, berjuang untuk kepentingan orang-orang tertentu dalamnya dan ahlinya sahaja. UMNO berjuang untuk jawatan dan pangkat, untuk memperkayakan diri, untuk sagu hati, untuk poket sendiri.

11. Untuk ini mereka berusaha mengurangkan kemungkinan diri mereka dicabar, kurangkan kemungkinan diganti oleh sesiapa yang lebih layak. UMNO adalah hak ahlinya, hak pemimpinnya yang sedia ada dan bukan hak orang Melayu. Setelah mereka mendapat tempat jangan benar orang Melayu lain, terutama yang memiliki kebolehan tertentu, menyertai UMNO. UMNO adalah untuk pemimpin dan ahli semasa, dari ketua cawangan kepada ketua bahagian. UMNO tidak perlu tambahan ahli, tidak perlu penyertaan sesiapa lagi kerana ahli yang sedia ada perlu memelihara habuan mereka. Jika terlalu banyak ahli, habuan perlu dikongsi. Dan habuan yang dikongsi tentulah tidak sebanyak sebelum berkongsi.
  • Ramai orang Melayu meluat dengan UMNO
  • UMNO berjuang untuk jawatan dan pangkat, untuk memperkayakan diri, untuk sagu hati, untuk poket sendiri
  • mereka berusaha mengurangkan kemungkinan diri mereka dicabar
Ouch!! And here is Strike 7.  Dracula has been appointed to the Blood Bank.  The news yesterday was that Khazanah Nasional has sold yet another block of Tenaga Nasional shares. This is called 'nenek tua investment management'.   First here is the news from the Business Times :
  • Khazanah to sell 50m TNB shares
  • Khazanah Nasional selling 50m shares worth RM418.5 million in Tenaga Nasional
  • shares are being priced at between RM8.12 and RM8.37 each. 
  • sale will reduce its stake to 32.56 % from 33.46 % 
  • CIMB and Deutsche Bank are the joint bookrunners Reuters
Folks here is some arithmetic. They are selling only a 0.9% stake in TNB and it is worth RM418.5 Million. They still have a 32.56% stake in TNB. 

That 32.56% stake in TNB is still worth RM15.14 BILLION !! 

I have blogged about this so many times before. For example here. This is the "nenek tua investment management" model.  

This is how Khazanah Nasional shows a profit and achieves their KPIs.  From time to time they just sell the family silver which Dr Mahathir gave to them when he first set up Khazanah Nasional in 1998 (WAY BEFORE BADAWI FELL ASLEEP AT THAT KHAZANAH MEETING IN 2004).   

Dr Mahathir had transferred huge stakes in TNB, Telekom etc to Khazanah Nasional to give them a running start. The value of those shares have gone up and up since then. This is what Khazanah has been selling from time to time to meet their KPIs. And the Khazanah director of investment has now been made a Datuk pula. 

Even your nenek tua can handle this type of investment management. Just sell the shares that your daddy gave you.

What is Khazanah going to do with the money? Talk is the money is needed urgently because Khazanah is short of cash to meet bayar hutang payments. Selling the family silver.  

So things are not getting any better. The PM has reappointed the same clowns and dunggus back into position. The guys who screwed up all this while are still in the drivers seat.  

Kekawan, saya bukan klentong. Fikir sendiri sajalah. 2008 kita kalah 2/3. Tinggal 140 kerusi saja. Geng-geng dunggu ini lah yang pegang kuasa, pegang jawatan dan sebagainya. 2013 kita kalah lagi - turun jadi 133 kerusi saja. Geng-geng dunggu ini juga yang masih duduki  jawatan tinggi dan pegang kuasa.  

They are going to lose PRU 14 for us in 2018.  Mereka ini lah yang akan menyebabkan BN tewas pada PRU 13.  


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