UMNO must and must organise an emergency assembly....@Najibrazak janganlah tunggu sampai Disember ok

PRU Losses - Were The "CON"-sultans Involved?

Dr M questions BN strategists, says Umno to decide Najib’s fate
The Malaysian Insider 

* Dr M questions BN strategists, says Umno to decide Najib’s fate
* Dr M said Umno would have to decide if Najib should step down
questioned Najib’s strategists, they contributed to BN’s poor performance
* Najib to face questions from critics on his capabilities and strategies
he did not expect BN would still fare worse
* “his performance worse than Badawi. I myself did not expect.”
* Sources said Najib could step down by the end of the year
* Najib already under pressure from conservatives for not delivering
* Dr M said his personal opinion that Najib give way to Muhyiddin 

I recall blogging a few months back that people were saying that the Khazanah Nasional 
dunggus were involved in the exercise (in London) to pick the BN candidates. Maybe it was 
a rumour at that time.

Now Dr Mahathir refers to "strategists"? Who are these strategists? I think we should know. 
Were any of the "con"-sultans who have been running this country since 2003 involved in 
helping the PM strategise for the elections? 

Are all the "con"-sultans BN voters or are they "con"-sultans from 9-5 only and then 
Pakatan fifth columnists after 5PM? 

I think we have to relook this entire "con"-sultan set up that has had a total grip on Putrajaya 
since 2003. BN strategists must be made up of 100% fool proof hardcore BN supporters.

Kepada semua sahabat UMNO dan BN, now there has to be a total postmortem - honest and 
brutal - about why we were not able to turn things around and deliver better results.

Yes the Chinese voted against the BN this time. But let us not forget that in 2004, the 
Chinese did give enough support for the BN. In 2004 even the DAP was wiped out.
Let us not forget that.Kua Kia Soong wrote in his book that in 1995 even DAP 
members supported Dr Mahathir. 

Then Badawi and his screwed up team screwed up and in 2008 we almost lost the 
elections. Unfortunately all the things that Badawi did which screwed up the country in 
2008 were not fully rectified by Najib when he took over in 2009. 

Najib did not change the screwed up Cabinet which has now cost us so much 
trouble.The same inept and really stupid pirates were still left in positions of power.For 
example the Lembu Condo case has never been forgotten by the people - especially the urban 
Malays.And yet the PM did not take decisive action. Shahrizat did not even quit as Minister.
Her term as Senator lapsed. That was all. 

Since 2003 the GLCs have been the source of more embarassment for the 
Government than anything else. 

The fact is that since 2003 Putrajaya has killed off important arms of Government like the 
EPU and ICU and handed over the planning functions to "con"-sultans of dubious character 
and reputations.All these negatives have cumulatively caused problems for the Government.
This is also why we lost so much on May 5th 2013.

And after the 2008 fiasco at the polls,Badawi simply did NOT deliver the requested post 
mortem. Despite intense pressure from UMNO,Badawi used his corrupt sidekick (who failed 
that English test in Australia) to hoodwink UMNO with a lame duck,half hour postmortem where 
no questions were allowed.Can you imagine that? Bodowi punya kurang ajar - the BN had been 
almost wiped out in 2008 and he got Mike Tyson to deliver a half hour "cover up" explanation.

The net result of that type of hoodwinking resulted in Badawi being kicked out of office in 2009.
(By the way Badawi's corrupted sidekick has now joined Pakatan where he has become a 
born again, pure white angel.)

So now,without further ado,UMNO must and must organise an emergency assembly
(janganlah tunggu sampai Disember ok) to discuss why the party and the BN has not been 
able to recover the lost ground.The party has lost more ground and is in real danger of 
losing PRU14.

There must be an honest postmortem.May I suggest that ALL UMNO members throw in their 
support for a quick postmortem. 

We cannot just blame it on the Chinese.That is the easy way out. Itu cara mudah sangat lah bro. 

(Let me share a secret ok - the Chinese have never supported the BN in any great numbers 
throughout our history. According to Rita Sim the highest Chinese support for the BN was in 
1995 - about 30% of Chinese voted for BN. The lowest - before May 5th - was about 20%. 
 I think on May 5th the Chinese support slipped below 20%). 

What really happened on May 5th was that UMNO and BN lost the Malay vote as well.
The Malay vote was split. And the urban Malay vote was also gone. 

Ingat baik-baik - falsafah UMNO adalah pembangunan. UMNO develops the country and the 
Malays. But once they become a 'developed society' the Malays abandon the same UMNO 
that helped them.Why?

Orang Melayu yang duduk di kampong tak tahu banyak benda,dhaif dan mundur.Maka datanglah 
UMNO untuk membangunkan dan majukan umat Melayu di kampong.Tetapi apabila sudah maju 
dan pandai, ramai pula orang Melayu juga menolak UMNO.Why?

Apakah orang Melayu tidak tahu berterima kasih ?Ataupun orang Melayu kampong 
makin celek akan tabii dan fe'el UMNO yang bangkitkan kemarahan mereka? 

The urban Malays,Chinese,Indians and even the Lembu Condos do not like corruption 
and inefficiency. 

This is why they are even willing to support people who are ultra racist,who are a hundred 
times more corrupt,people who are liars,people who appear on sex tapes and homosexual 
tapes and then even lie about it in the masjid.The Malay voters are willing to throw their 
support behind the worst of human beings in the Pakatan.Why? 

Even the 'failed English test' fellow - one of the most corrupted Menteri Besar's ever who was 
kicked out by Dr Mahathir - has now joined PAS and become a born again angel in the Pakatan.
If he stands for elections on a PAS ticket in 2018, he will possibly win and even become Menteri Besar again. (I think this is what he is planning - kalau panjang umur).

So a Special Assembly of UMNO has to be called and a quick postmortem has to be conducted. Things have to be discussed honestly and simply.

Among the things that must be discussed include :

i. the PM's advisors.Who are they? After four years,please name them in public.

ii. the "con"-sultans.Who are they?Name them in public.

iii. Explain why top secret military contracts have been discussed freely,openly and 
transparently in Parliament and in the media (for example the Scorpene deal) but Khazanah 
Nasional has refused to divulge how many hundred million Ringgits they have paid as fees to :
"con"-sultans?Why the secrecy? We dont need tiny,tiny, micro-details.Just one total lump sum 
figure for all "con"-sultan fees paid since 2003. 

iv. Let us speak freely about the public perception of the PM's wife.Is there truth to the many 
rumours or are they all falsehoods?Kekawan,we only have five more years left. That is not 
much time.Jangan main-main.Please dont give 'jawapan bodoh' untuk budak-budak.

Finally - this is the real blockbuster for today - we cannot get an honest postmortem if it is 
done by UMNO. 

Takkan pemimpin UMNO nak mengaku dia yang salah atau dia yang tak betul.No one in their 
right mind is going to stand on the podium and say 'Saya mengaku bahawa inilah kesalahan 
kita..bla bla bla"

Kalau dia mengaku pun sikit saja.Siapa berani mengaku dia bodek Rosmah untuk dipilih jadi 
calon atau dipilih masuk Kabinet? Ingat apa - depa malaikat kah?

They are NOT going to admit any such things.And if people are not going to be honest,
then UMNO and BN are going to die, die, die.

UMNO will have to listen to an honest postmortem with no holds barred - kalau tak tahan 
public hearing,just do it behind closed doors - but an honest postmortem is critical.Kalau boleh 
buat public postmortem that will be even better.

Please do not dismiss this huge loss in 
voter confidence on simple things like :

i. Chinese vote (Chinese have never voted for UMNO/BN in big numbers anyway)
ii. Silap calon (maybe a small factor but not too critical)
iii. Cah keting (the fact that this word exists is evidence enough that cah keting has always 
been there)

We need honest appraisals.

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