Jentera Wanita yang tak kenal erti jemu...

Saban PRU dan PRK sejak sekian lama,jentera Wanita Umno lah yang memainkan peranan yang begitu besar dalam memastikan Umno/BN terus memerintah negara ini.Wanita Umno baik dari peringkat mana pun mereka berada tetap bersungguh sungguh dengan gerak kerja mereka mendekati para pengundi dalam program Jalinan Rakyat yang tidak pernah berhenti walaupun setelah tamat PRU.

Tapi agak malang bila melihat "Tenaga Tenaga Wanita Kental" ini ramai ditolak dalam Pemilihan Umno 2013 yang baru berlalu untuk beberapa kerusi Majlis Tertinggi yang mereka tandingi,seolah olah tiada tempat untuk mereka yang selama ini menabur bakti untuk parti tanpa mengira masa dan tenaga.Bahkan lebih malang lagi bila melihat "Jantan Jantan Umno" yang jasa dan bakti mereka tak setara mana dipilih kejawatan ini untuk memanaskan kerusi Majlis Tertinggi.

Contoh paling nyata adalah Kak Midah (Dato Hamidah Osman) yang ditimpa kekalahan demi kekalahan.Bermula dengan tewas di Dun Sg.Rapat dalam PRU13 yang lalu,dia juga gagal mempertahankan jawatan Ketua Wanita Bahagian Gopeng dan merebut salah satu kerusi Majlis Tertinggi dalam Pemilihan Umno baru baru ini.Namun begitu bagai seorang SRIKANDI yang tidak mudah mengalah dan berputus asa kelibat Kak Midah tetap kelihatan dalam PRK Sg.Limau bertungkus lumus bersama sama Jentera Wanita yang lain yang dipimpin DS Sharizat berusaha mencari kemenangan untuk calun Barisan Nasional untuk kali ini.

Sampai bila "tendang terajang politik Umno" akan terus memangsakan Calun Calun Wanita Umno saperti Kak Midah dan ramai lagi yang lain?

Sedangkan mereka mereka inilah Wira Wira Tak DiDendang yang tanpa rasa jemu terus berbakti terhadap parti yang memungkinkan "Jantan Jantan Haprak Umno" terus selesa dikerusi kuasa mereka.Siapakah yang aku maksudkan dengan "Jantan Jantan Haprak Umno"..?

Sendiri telanjang depan cermin sendiri tenguk dan sendiri jawap.......

Ada yang cuba diluahkan Kak Midah bila melihat raut wajahnya..

Ong Tee Keat ketika singgah di Bilik Gerakan Wanita BN-Umno

Nak makan pun tak senang...

Mendengar taklimat dari Kak Ijat

Kak Ijat dalam pose pose yang berbeza...

Salah seorang jentera Wanita yang mengambil kesempatan mengail ikan
ditaliair berdepan PDM mereka...

Jam dah melepasi tengahmalam tapi mereka masih belum berhenti bekerja...

Melihat hasil tangkapan sahabat mereka...

Tu dia....lumayan jugak

Yang ini jantan pun bukan pompuan pun bukan...
Dia cuma ambil kesempatan bertugas diluar sawah padi sempena PRK ini...

The Azizan I Knew: Tun Daim Zainuddin

BIG LOSS: Azizan was a true man of the people

WHEN Pas won the Kedah state election, I wanted to go and pay a courtesy call on the new menteri besar, Ustaz Azizan. I knew that he needed to settle down and so, after a few months, I requested for an appointment to see him.

The response was swift. I was invited to dinner at his official residence. That was the first time I met (Tan Sri) Azizan Abdul Razak.

A warm friendly person who charmed you with jokes to make your first meeting comfortable and relaxed. After a few minutes, he invited me to adjourn to the dining room to join him for dinner.
He said he had ordered mee Abu, mee goreng, popiah and, for dessert, durian and dadih. He said he had asked his secretary to ask my secretary what I normally ate and got the list from my secretary. And later, he served hot water. He had done his homework on me.

I enjoyed my first meeting with him. I found him to be humble, knowledgeable and humorous.
Since that first meeting, every time I was in Kedah, I would meet him for dinner, where I'd be served my favourite mee Abu and popiah.

Soon enough, he started discussing the problems he was facing as an MB.
He had kind words for everybody and never ran down anyone. He said it was tough running the state as revenue was low and expenditures kept going up.

I told him as long as the country wanted Kedah to be the rice bowl of Malaysia, Kedah would have to continue asking the Federal Government for help and that would have to change.

We are a high-cost producer of rice. When I was in government, I had suggested we import rice and release our padi fields for more productive use. He agreed with me but he said we needed support from the Federal Government to change all that.

We continued to meet regularly, either in Alor Star or Kuala Lumpur. He was at a loss to meet the conflicting demands from many quarters. It was a real headache to him trying to be fair but firm. He made himself unpopular with some people but the rakyat liked his style. He was a man of the people.

Although he was under pressure from his party, he was adamant that he was MB for all Kedahans. He would entertain all. He was privately, and later publicly, attacked by his coalition partners in Pakatan but he stuck to his principles, which, as in politics, he had to toe the party line, provided it did not conflict with his principles which he strongly held on to and at the end, he said he was answerable to Allah. This, he was not prepared to compromise.

When I got news that some in the state assembly wanted to switch camps, I alerted him. I told him after what happened in Perak, I don't think Barisan Nasional is keen to participate in this kind of politics. The rakyat would be angry and all must accept the results of the general election and move on.

(Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) tried and failed and the rakyat does not trust any government formed this way. His response was: I am here temporarily anyway, let us leave it to God, but we tie our camels first.

Then, later, there were attempts to topple him. He was not worried, he was not overconfident but prepared. He faced these challenges his way, in public, cracking jokes but privately, prepared for the worst. In the end, he triumphed.

He asked me to arrange for him to meet former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir (Mohamad), which I did. They got along fine. He got on well with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, too.

He told me he was hauled up by Pas and asked to explain why he was close to the PM, Dr Mahathir and me. He explained to them that he knew Najib's brother, Johari, when they were studying law in London. In the case of Dr M and me, he said he wanted to tap into our experience and he knew that we wanted the best for Kedah and would support him for the greater good of Kedah. They accepted his explanation.

He had good ideas for Kedah. He wanted to reclaim the coastal area of Kuala Kedah and build a new city. He asked me to get developers to do it and now, it is still being studied.

He went to Egypt to study how they succeeded in agriculture production on huge desert lands and made them fertile. He wanted to reproduce it in Kedah. He wanted to build a few more housing estates as he wanted to build affordable houses costing below RM200,000.

He had asked his office to conduct a study on the problem and how much the middle class could afford. All these were in the planning.

Azizan discussed with me whether to extend the LADA (Langkawi Development Authority Act). I explained to him why Dr Mahathir wanted the act, and since then Langkawi had become well known as a tourist destination. He said he was under pressure not to renew it, but he renewed it.

Azizan had to make difficult decisions but he did what was right for Kedah. He introduced new policies where timber concessions were tendered out and this increased revenue. The value was higher, too, and he could then reduce the size of the concessions because of certain people.

He wanted to bring the Rubber Research Institute (RRI) to Kedah and was prepared to find and give land for such purpose.

My suggestion was the state government should exchange land with RRI and the Kedah government develop the RRI land, and keep it as a long-term investment so the government could get income from this.

He wanted to have an oil depot and refinery in Yan. He received many proposals but he got the impression investors might be more keen to have land than the real project. He wanted the train and highway to be continued to Yan to bring development to this coastal town.

On corruption, he was fed up with businessmen, who tried to bribe him. He kept instructing his secretary to return money offered to him. When they failed at the office, they sent money to his house.

He asked me what to do with thick-skinned people like these. My advice was to send the money to orphanages and get receipts for the donations given. He thanked me for the advice.

He told me how he persuaded his son to marry. He was admitted to hospital and was attended by a nurse, who he thought was a suitable wife for his son.

Naturally, the son disagreed when he told his wife to tell his son if he continued to reject the nurse, he would marry the nurse who would be able to take care of him the next time he got sick.

Suddenly, after the election, he was admitted to hospital. I visited him many times but he was unconscious most of the time.

His death is a great loss to Kedah.

Politicians like him are rare. He was a leader of the people of the highest integrity and completely honest. Malaysia needs politicians like him.

Virus Alert !!!!!

In the coming days, DO NOT open any message with an attachment called:
BLACK MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE, regardless of who sent it to you.

It is a virus that opens an Olympics torch that burns the whole hard disk
of your computer. This virus comes from a known person who you have in your list.

Directions: You should send / share this message to all of your contacts.

It is better to receive this e-mail 25 times than to receive the virus and open it.

If you receive a message called BLACK MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE even if sent by a friend, do not open, and shut down your machine immediately.

It is the worst virus announced by CNN. This new virus has been discovered recently it has been classified by Microsoft as the virus most destructive ever.

This virus was discovered by McAfee. There is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the hard disk, where vital information function is stored.

Peserta pakaian beragam Sg.Limau...Tajaan Stopa Spender

Segala tok nenek gimik dilakukan parti parti politik yang bertanding di PRK N.20 Sg.Limau kali ini dan Pas tidak mahu ketinggalan melakukan.Gambar gambar yang aku cilok dari teman blogger Kelab Greenboc menunjukan ACARA PAKAIAN BERAGAM PEMIMPIN PAS turun kebendang dengan beranika gaya.

Rasanya ini bukanlah cara berpakaian amalan petani Sg.Limau bila mereka turun kesawah tapi atas nama GIMMICK POLITIK hantam sajalah Labu....

Bila diaorang ini semua masuk kebendang...
Segala lintah,pacat,keli,puyu dan haruan lompat naik kedarat...
Kah kah kah...

Spender Stopa Ali

Ini dia wajah pembunuh pegawai bank....

Guard Haramjadah - Polis Usah Tutup Pekung Kesalahan Yang Dilakukan Pegawainya.

Segak bergaya si haramjadah Guard yang menembak mati pekerja wanita Ambank tempoh hari. Banyak lagi gambar Haramjadah ni dalam album FB nya tapi Gomo taknak cakap pasal gambar Haramjadah ni coz Gomo nak belasah POLIS.

Hari tu Gomo dah maklum yang patut bertanggungjawap dalam kes ini adalah syarikat keselamatan Guard ni bekerja dan juga pihak Polis. Tapi ada ramai komen yang menyatakan polis tak salah, polis tak terlibat bla bla bla. Hari ni Gomo nak ulas sikit kenapa Gomo tetap salahkan Polis.

Step 1: syarikat keselamatan akan menugaskan pengawalnya untuk bertugas di Bank dan pengawal tersebut perlu dibekalkan dengan senjata api.

Step 2: syarikat keselamatan akan membuat permohonan kepada pihak Polis bagi memberikan kelulusan kepada pengawal keselamatan yang dipilih untuk memegang senjata api.

Step 3: Pihak Polis akan melakukan saringan ke atas penama yang dihantar oleh syarikat keselamatan untuk menyemak segala rekod dan juga apa apa yang berkaitan dengannya sebelum diberikan kelulusan. Pihak Polis boleh untuk tidak meluluskan permohonan syarikat keselamatan.

Step 4: Jika pengawal keselamatan yang disaring oleh pihak Polis tidak melepasi taraf kelayakkan maka pekara tersebut akan dimaklumkan kepada Syarikat Keselamatan tersebut dan nama pemohon pengawal keselamatan akan ditukarkan kepada pemohon yang lain.

Step 5: Setelah pihak Polis meluluskan permohonan syarikat Keselamatan tersebut dengan memberikan kelulusan untuk menggunakan senjata api barulah satu surat dikeluarkan oleh pihak Polis dengan menamakan sipolah bin sipolan diberi kelulusan untuk membawa sejata api.

Step 6: Setelah kelulusan diperolehi dari pihak Polis barulah syarikat keselamatan tersebut membekalkan senjata api kepada pengawal keselamatan yang telah lulus saringan daripada pihak Polis untuk berkhidmat.

Step 7: Pengawal bersenjata api itu berkhidmat dilokasi yang ditetapkan oleh pihak Syarikat Keselamatan.

Ok, tu Gomo cakap dari apa yang telah disampaikan oleh rakan pengawal keselamatan bersenjata Api dan juga Bodyguard. Proses nya adalah lebih kurang begitu yang mana suka atau tidak sekalipun keculasan pegawai Polis yang meluluskan penggunaan senjata api kepada pengawal haramjadah warga Indonesia itu merupakan satu tindakan yang tidak boleh kita terima. Gomo yakin pegawai Polis berkenaan bersikap sambil lewa ataupun mungkin ada unsur lain yang mana "Makan Suap" menyebabkan kelulusan diberikan begitu sahaja kepada warga Indonesia yang menggunakan kad pengenalan palsu.

Takziah kepada keluarga mangsa tembakan tersebut dan Gomo harap pihak keluarga mangsa mengambil tindakan saman ke atas pihak Syarikat Keselamatan dan jugak PDRM kerana kecuaian tersebut.

Pihak PDRM pula perlu mengambil tindakan disiplin segera keatas pegawai Polis yang bertugas dalam memberikan kelulusan kepada warga Indonesia tersebut. Tindakan tegas oleh PDRM perlu dilakukan bukan sahaja di mana pegawai Polis tersebut bertugas malah di seluruh Malaysia balai balai Polis begitu culas tahap keselamamatan senjata api.

Harap pihak PDRM tak marah dengan penjelasan ini kerana rakyat perlu tahu kebenarannya.

- Papa Gomo

Seharian bersama Ong Tee Kiat di Sg.Limau

Santai sambil layan jagung rebus dengan Kak Ijat

Aku berpeluang mengikuti program DS Ong Tee Kiat di bilik bilik gerakan Peti Undi Cina di Kg Sg.Limau Dalam dan Batu 17 kelmarin.Sekadar ingin melihat sentimen pengundi Cina yang hanya memberikan Barisan Nasional 28 undi sahaja dari jumlah 1,800 orang pengundi Cina yang berdaftar untuk kawasan ini....

Program bermula dengan pesinggahan OTK ke Bilik Gerakan Wanita Umno bertemu DS Sharizat dan Jentera Wanita yang berada tidak berapa jauh dari Command Centre BN di Taman Mahsuri dan berakhir dengan sessi ceramah dan dialog dengan masyarakat Cina Batu17,dimana diantara program ini turut dilakukan walkabout dimana OTK berusaha meyakinkan pengundi Cina.

Apa yang jelas kelihatan sambutan yang agak hambar dipermulaan setiap persinggahan berakhir dengan gelak ketawa dan senyum oleh mereka yang hadhir.Hampir setiap ceramah Tee Kiat diasak oleh berbagai soalan perangkap oleh penyokong penyokong Cina Pas dan dijawap dengan tenang dan bersahaja oleh beliau Tee Kiat's Style.Mujur aku ada seorang penterjemah yang senantiasa membantu aku mengikuti apa yang dibangkitkan dalam setiap sessi dialoq jadi taklah jadi bodoh sangat aku ini.

Apa pun bagaimana ianya bakal diterjemahkan dipeti undi 4 November nanti masih samar samar lagi?

Apakah ANGKA 28 sebelum ini bakal menjadi 4 angka yang membolehkan BN merampas kerusi N.20 Sg.Limau ini setelah 5 penggal berada dalam tangan Pas?

Sama sama kita tunggu....

Aku yang baru kebah dari demam pun terpanggil untuk melihat sendiri
sentimen pengundi Cina N.20 ini

Antara pemimpin MCA tempatan yang mengiringi Tee Kiat

Ironlady pun join sekali dengan "Ironman Kiat"...

Ini dia "waja" yang mengepalai Jentera Wanita Umno...

Menanda tangani buku pelawat di Bilik Gerakan Sg Yan,Sg Limau Dalam
dan mendengar taklimat dari jentera bilik gerakan

YAB Menteri Besar turut singgah dibilik gerakan Sg Limau Dalam..

Mukriz mendengar taklimat dari Tee Kiat

Apa yang disenyumkan Mukriz tu agaknya?

Tee Kiat menjamah makanan yang disediakan bilik gerakan
walaupun dia banyak pantang larang bab makan ni...

Siapa Cina baju belang merah tu haa?

Bomba Sukarela....sesuatu yang jarang diambil peluang oleh
perkampungan orang Melayu tapi tidak oleh bangsa Cina

Memulakan walkabout dan beramah sambil berkempen..

Membincangkan penipuan Pas saperti dilaporkan Sinar Harian..

Meneruskan walkabout...

Ada tak 28 orang tu dari kalangan kumpulan yang ini?

Sampai untuk ceramah di Sg Limau Luar..

Dalam ramai ramai ini ada tak yang 28 orang tu?

Mungkin Ah Soh Ah Soh ni kot?
Atau yang cute tu.....?

Kumpulan yang ini tak macam yang 28 orang tu...ha ha

Yang duk bertenggek atas motor ni dah guarantee bukan...aku berani bet.

Yang ini nak jadi kumpulan 28 pun tak layak...
kecuali lengchai baju belang merah tu...
(Aku takut demam kena pakai cap sebab hujan renyai renyai)

Tiba dibilik gerakan Batu 17..tempat paling panas

Aku difahamkan yang ini semua penyokong Pas...adehhh

Yang tongkat dagu baris depan tu "kepala jurucakap" mereka....

Tenguk muka poyo dia mendengar....
Bila turn dia bercakap satu Sg Limau boleh terkejut...panasssss

Korang tenguk dua jari Tee Kiat duk pasak meja...he he

Merah padam muka Tee Kiat melayan dialoq dengan kumpulan ini...
Tapi akhirnya....Tee Kiat menang Tee Kiat's Style..bravo

Baik lelaki atau pompuan poyo je muka masing masing...

Yang jaga periuk nasi ini lagilah boring....

Dah mula boleh senyum....

Taiko sorang ni masih tak puas hati kot...

Pegawai Khas Dato Zahid Hamidi yang singgah sambil bergambar dengan
Tee Kiat..

"Taiko" kita (kiri 3 dibelakang) malu malu nak enter frame
selepas melafazkan ikrar akan menyokong BN...

Jom Balun Kiri Kanan Atas Bawah


Penulisan Luar Kotak Pemikiran Biasa



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