Part 2 - The Untouchables & One Idiot

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This is an easy Blog.Let the pictures be worth a thousand words.

We have been seeing so many videos of some people in compromising positions.Considering
that so many videos have been produced it is obvious that these people are quite pre-occupied 
with these types of activities.It is quite amazing.It looks like they have nothing else on their 

Someone asked the other day - if these videos can be so easily faked or fabricated,then where are the fake videos of Bill Clinton,Lee Kuan Yew,Dr Mahathir,
Margaret Thatcher or Barack Obama? What about fake videos of Yasser Arafat or Benjamin Netanyahu?Or even fake videos of Silvio Berlusconi - the Italian Prime Minister who was 
involved in sex scandals. 

Surely there must be at least one fake sex video of Bill Clinton or Silvio Berlusconi.These two 
guys are well known Casanovas.Bill Clinton had that affair with Monica Lewinski and Silvio Berlusconi went to bed with the west coast of Italy and the northern shores of Morocco.

Yet there are absolutely no fake sex videos featuring any of these people.
How come?Dont their enemies know how to manufacture a fake video?

So lets not waste time trying to say a video is fake when you know it is NOT fake.
The Police have confirmed that the China Doll video was not fake.Three separate video
forensics labs (one in the US, one in South Korea) have confirmed that the China Doll video
was NOT a fake.It is a genuine video.This means the people who appeared in that video are
real people as well.It is not some Photoshoppe characters.

Many of us can see the truth quite easily.These people have been caught in these situations
because that is what they like to do.They have been having these liasons with men,women and obviously prostitutes of their own choosing.No one forced them to engage the sexual services of these men, women and prostitutes.They did this all by themselves.

However their supporters have no choice but to defend their hypocritical leaders.Why?
Because these are their top,top leaders.If they rejected their top leaders everytime they
appeared in a sex video,then very soon their party will have to be shut down.They will also
have to admit that they are terribly stupid to have supported such leaders.

So they have no choice but to deny that it is their leaders who are in those videos,swallow
their pride and pretend not to look so stupid. It is easier to be hypocrites.

So their entire structure from the top all the way down to the bottom starts telling lies to
support their lying and philandering leaders.

The wife says 'Its not my husband in that video'.
The daughter says 'Its not my father in that video'.
The entire party says 'Its not our leader in that video'.
The tok imam says 'That is not our leader in that video'.
The makmum (mosque congregation) says 'That is not our leader'.
The bull-shitul-am says 'If you say that is our leader you will go to hell'.

My point is isnt this a wonderful time to be a homosexual, an adulterer, 
a philanderer and also be the leader of a political party at the same time? 
You are untouchable.

So now here is my question for you folks - on this Saturday 13th April 2013 - 
"Who is going to stop these people?"Isnt there any sense of good morals and virtues anymore in the entire country?Then why do you have religion?Then why do you keep 
going to your church, temple, mosque or synagogue?So that you can pretend to pray 
to your gods?

Now here are some pictures.This is today's story.Hopefully it will provoke some thoughts.

The first picture above is that of Azmin Ali,the Deputy President of PKR.He is of course a
very senior leader in the PKR.He says he is not the man in the following two video stills.He
says those pictures are fakes.It is from another sex video showing the man and woman in
various compromising positions.So do think about this in your church, temple and mosque.

And consider this - no one has said that the woman who appears in these pictures is 
also a fake.How come?Did they overlook that tiny detail?The woman can possibly 
be traced.

The next picture is of course Anwar Ibrahim.He is the unelected leader of the PKR. He
can overrule the party President any time - she is his wife.The past few years he looks older
and more tired.

Anwar says that in the picture below,that is NOT him wearing a towel in a hotel room with a
young girl sitting on the bed in the background.He says that picture is a fake.(He will agree however that the man on the right wearing the suit is him.)Only the guy in the towel on
the left is not him. That picture is a fake.

Similarly he will deny that the man adjusting his cuffs in the 'video still' below here is him.
This picture is also another fake.You can see there is another man in the picture.(The video
stills show the two men engaging in homosexual acts).And again consider this - no one has 
said that the young girl and the man who appears in these pictures are also a fake.How come?Did they overlook these tiny details as well?I believe both the young girl and the 
man can be traced.

There is also a You Tube video (click here) which Anwar Ibrahim has said or will say is
another fake.This video shows Anwar Ibrahim having a weird conversation with obviously
a young boy in what looks like a hotel room.So everything is a fake.

Now here is a picture of Mustafa Ali,the Secretary General of PAS.Being Secretary General
of course means that he is a very senior leader in PAS.

Now in the very latest reincarnation of "fake sex videos" Mustafa Ali has denied that he is
the man in the two video stills below here.In other words he says this video is a fake too.
They are all fake.

So we can see that these Senior Leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat have the strange reputation
of having "fake videos" made about them.All these videos are 'fake'.

Or they say that these are their "look alikes" in these videos.In other words it is an 
Azmin Ali look alike,an Anwar Ibrahim look alike and a Mustafa Ali look alike.

If these guys are all 'look alikes', then we must be the only country in the world where
senior leaders of Opposition parties have almost exact,identical-twin type look alikes of
them ALWAYS appearing in sex videos.Quite a 'tak masuk akal' situation but this is 
what you are required to believe.Why?Because this is your senior political leader who is involved.These are your senior political leaders who want to take over Putrajaya.

Now we come to the Idiot.This still shot below is taken from a video
that was also uploaded into You Tube or something.The video shows a genuine dunggu who
took off his shirt in front of the webcam on his laptop.After that he unzipped his pants and
began masturbating in front of his webcam.Maybe that is why he has that strained look on his

This Idiot is Shaharudin Hamid the Ketua Penerangan of PKR at Cabang Merbok 
in Kedah.

Unfortunately for Shaharuddin he is just a regular Idiot - a small fry Ketua Penerangan of
some lowly PKR branch in some ulu place in Kedah.He is NOT a big shot party Vice 
President or party Secretary General or a Ketua Umum.No one came to his aid.No
one said that this video of him mastrubating was a fake.

In fact after this video surfaced,Shaharudin Hamid has been kicked out as Ketua Penerangan
PKR, Cabang Merbok.He has been fired (this is what I read in the Blogs).

The moral of the story is - morals are not important.It is how high you have climbed 
up the dung heap which determines how much crap will stick to you.When you are 
high up,the crap is below you.When you are not so high up,a lot of crap can crush you.

Source : Syed Akhbar Ali

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