Dokumen Al Hira - Chapter 10

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10 The King’s Account

King Numan 1st’s personal account of the event leading to his abdication is both plausible and succinct; it certainly represents the most comprehensive version of regional Hirra history available. The King asserts that when asleep in his palace he was visited by the Archangel Gabriel who put the ring on his finger. When he awoke the following morning his other fingers were bare save but for the simple bronze ring. Such was the impact of the visitation that he committed the rest of his life to God. Many students of this region and those who study ancient Mesopotamian and Persian poetry will be familiar with the King Numan 1st’s famous codex titled ‘AMesopotamian King’s advice to his son’.

This timeless advice from an old man has stood the test of time, variations of which have reappeared in many languages and forms throughout the ages.

English version of King Numan 1st Codex:

Order of Verses:

With regards longevity 2 Upon accuracy in things and actions
Upon direction 4 On worldliness
Upon knowledge of things and places 6 On independence
On debt 8 On wealth
Upon moderation in all things 10 On self help
On the knowledge of history 12 On failure
On drinking beverages 14 On eating
On responsibility 16 On experience of all things
On personal discipline 18 On moderation of thoughts and actions
On excess 20 On happiness
On worry 22 On relative values
On naivety 24 On prosperity
On personal appearance 26 On friends and neighbours
On poverty 28 On loneliness
On extravagance 30 On moderation
On shyness 32 On obesity
Upon the use of money 34 Upon title
On death 36 On the after life
On continuity 38 On pride
On happiness 40 On passiveness and reason
On listening 42 On dress and dress code
On beasts of burden 44 On beauty
On poetry 46 On cleanliness
On cruelty 48 On old age
On travel 50 On peregrinations
On peace of mind 52 Upon presents and gifts
On secrets 54 On learning
On best practice 56 On hospitality
On courtesy 58 Others opinions
Good counsel 60 Good manners
About talking 62 About listening
Concerning friends 64 Lasting friendship
Financial security 66 About children
About parents 68 On generosity
On love 70 On charity
To attack 72 On defence
To fight 74 Planning
Surveillance 76 Surprise
On speed 78 On the spear
Governance 80 Preparedness
Guiding 82 On alertness
On false security 84 Security
On caution 86 On note taking
On agility 88 Foresight
On power 90 On control
Preparation 92 On fear
The unknown 94 Health and fitness
On order 96 On war
On ambush 98 Weapons
On skill 100 Your troops

101 My Son



Longevity Accuracy
Life turns upon itself Count well and weigh your store
A route not often clear Take care at work and play
Use well time left upon the flame False errors turn the tide
not so far ahead Against best plans laid

Direction Worldliness
Don’t bend or change your course Long journeys make the man
Well set, it guides your line Who speaks in many tongues
Your vision falters not Recounts exciting tales
When clarity prevails Of trades in distant lands

Knowledge Independence
Seek knowledge from the wise Balance wisdom earned in youth
Build up a store of worth Upon it build your life
Dispense with prudent ease Seek counsel from that close
Retain an open mind To climb the far off hills

Debt Wealth
The weight of debt resists The wise and skilful man
Its burden hinders pace Lives well from treasures gained
Be prudent in your deals Desist from using such
An upper hand to keep To gain false friends or power

Moderation Self help
Be moderate in what you eat Weigh your options with great care
In what you drink and say A journey with one pace
Digest what’s given free Then steady march do take
Don’t bend much either way To trace your line in time

History Success
Learn well the tales there told Heed success and failure both
Pass on to kith and kin With equal weight of mind
Embrace all what you’ve learned A coin may tip or fall
For good and bad of man It’s caste a broken thing

Failure Drinking Water and Wine
The arrow’s flight not true Wayside spring water sweet
As quarry races off As any wine or brew
Re-quiver bow and shoot To quench your thirst
Recover from what’s lost Hasten not your pace

Eating Responsibility
Learn well the art to make your dish Shoulder burdens placed across your back
And savour what is given Shirk not those duties given
An appetite is best hard won Your measure in the eyes of man
Before a sumptuous feast Depends on how you act

Experience Discipline
To run, first walk a cautious step Each day the sun it takes its course
Accelerate you can And time it beats its drum
comes from errors made Use every moment of each day
Re-trench and make a plan As best as ever you can

Moderation Excess
In conversation take cautious stance A moderate man need not exceed
As when to speak your turn The norm of play or work
Hold back your tongue, Neither food nor drink he’ll waste or leave
Keep silent thought No excess words he’ll speak
Words, deliver in measured time

Happiness Worry
Content is he who lives within Bad thoughts and worry plagues the mind
goals and laws of life A spiral of decline
Good home and friends no debt or sin To lift this veil caste off the doubt
Happiness will favour him Let actions be your guide

Values Naivety
Each family line is like a tree An unwise man heeds not what’s seen
Your place in time so marked And heard about the town
Your morale values are your roots Naïve he is who knows not what
Abort them at your peril Is now or what has been

Prosperity Appearance
In moderation seek your goals Keep well your body and your mind
And wealth in all its forms Attire your form in style
Enjoy the fruits of prosperous life Your countenance is what you are
Help others so attain And what your peer group sees

Friends Poverty
One hand count your friends No shame do place on those without
They know your strength and skills The trappings of great wealth
Your weaknesses and worries The coin of chance may fall on you
For you they are your core Embrace those out of luck

Loneliness Extravagance
Make efforts to befriend the sick The courtly robes that grace a King
The poor and lonely man When used fit in their place
One day his place may well reverse Dress according to the time and place
That man may well be you Extravagance, never unfold

Moderation Shyness
Your enemy will find it hard Don’t mock the shy, the meek and poor
When you don’t boast or brag For they will have their day
Be moderate in your actions Bring out their charm and wisdom
With generous words of praise Lend weight to what they say

Obesity Use of money
The glutton eats with vigour All things of value change with time
His table mat well stocked As age and needs pass by
His peers see girth and fatness Let money be your servant
A reflection of what he’s not But never master be

Title Death
As king I was a vessel Your years are marked well in the sand
Of all whom I do serve Of time and in the sky
Fear not the God’s and earthly fire Use what is given as you can
Your title, must be earned Tomorrow may never be
After life Continuity
Man knows not what will come Life seasons turn from year to year
With death And with it comes new dawn
Make sure your furrows drawn Don’t challenge or resist what’s new
Pray for all that which is given Accept the flow of change
Us mortals here on earth

Pride Happiness
A man and pride go hand in hand No cost is greater, no reward more sound
Let not it master you Than laughter with your friends
But use it as your faithful friend See light not dark of things that are
A mark of what is true Let happiness guide your way

Passiveness Listening
Actions prompted in great haste Alert with ear and thoughtful mood
Are seldom worth their chance Deliberate meditation
Hold back the spark Song and talk and birds in tune
Let patience be your guide Fill vacant minds delight

Dress Beasts of burden
Apparel worn presents the scene Tend well your herd and beasts of draught
Your stature in the class Horses, mules and ox
Clean dress, and cut for purpose Of caravans of camels
Let not vanity overcome Reflect, they are your worth

Beauty Poetry
Seek out that beauty which you touch Recite your poetry, remember well
Absorb all details seen The turn of every line
The morning petals in the shade Add to this mix beyond belief
And children’s smiles at play And pass the story given

Cleanliness Cruelty
In all things there’s an order When beaten with a whip of iron
A sequence of events The slave will cry with pain
Each body it will function best What is the gain for torture?
When cleanly brushed and pressed Better teach the tortured brain

Old age Travel
The circle spins around the top A caravan to a far off bazaars
Through the seasonal swing of life Well laden for the trip
1000 moons God gives to man The traveller who ventures forth
Account for each one given Accrues great wealth of mind

Peregrinations Peace of Mind
Dream well at night then cast aside The wise sleeps well in his cot
The meanless maze of night Secure in thought and mind
First fix your plan deep in your mind Another day that’s to be won
Perspectives, keep in sight Comes from a cooling wind

Presents Secrets
A gift to friend and kin A secret shared is all but lost
Draws life bonds close for all A confidence in the air
False presents do resist Store what you know, and use with care
They bring not what is given Hold fast all secrets given

Learning Best practice
With eyes and ears observe Take heed of what is good
A lifelong quest to be Aspire towards the best
Listen what your Sheikhs say Take note of what to do
Their counsel wins the day Achieve a lasting end

Hospitality Courtesy
The warmth of home with kin Pay tribute to your host
Do share with those you love Respect his earthly worth
Good kinship there will thrive Opinions do resist
And lasting friendships made Until another day

Others opinions Good counsel
Take note what’s said and done to you The fool and dim count not for you
Weigh actions in the field Seek wisdom where you can
Side not with fleeting mood or doubt Observe and store thoughts so gained
Your opinions you must mark Deliver in your stride

Manners Talking
Your peers will rank you in their league First read the minds of those you meet
By how you strike your mark Let no man doubt your views
Within this group abide by form Use words well chosen, short and neat
Good manners are your prop I n language of the tribes

Listening Friends
An ear well tuned to sounds and talk A friend well made takes time and trust
Is man’s most favoured tool One act can ruin all
Absorb what’s said by friend or foe When balance swings the friendly smile
Without a spoken word Turns into ugly glare

Lasting friendship Financial security
Reserve free time for those most close Save a little now of what you sow
And cherish bonds conceived Store in your tubs of clay
Small tokens, presents given Wise trade brings wealth, security
Are those best received Let prudence pave the way

Children Parents
Your children are your shadow Your father’s line you must support
A reflection of what is you His place within your tribe
And when you’re gone, remember Take from his hand the rod of time
Only the shadow will remain And all that he has taught

Generosity Love
The wise man gives with pleasure The friendship bond between men of war
Small gifts received with joy Is strong as swords and oak
The fool exceeds the limit But a woman’s love exceeds this mark
And buys what can’t be bought For hers embraces all

Charity Attack
The weak, the old where luck runs out When all is sound, stalk and attack
Give to these causes much Surprise will win the day
For in bad times the tables turned Strike enemy lines, regroup
And yours is then their luck The foe will flee the day

Defence Flight
Take position before the foe When all is to be lost be bold
Use words before the sword Go fight another ground
Defend your solid core Retake possessions lost
With time, patience and care Settle safe in new found land

Planning Surveillance
Good food and clothing keep Observe what is around
Secure for certain change A stranger in the camp
The season’s heat and cold The wild fox in the sand
And battles that unfold And change in body and mind

Surprise Speed
Surprise can be a foe The hooves of horses use
Or ones’ best chance to win To move with grace and speed
Take note of what is new More haste can caste a die
Make actions of your own To change the throw of luck
Spear Governance
The sharpened nose do hone The laws that rule your tribe
Do use with skill and power Drawn up in distant time
The range may fall a foe Use well with equal force
When used with expert eye For rich and poor alike

Preparedness Guiding
The glowing ember light Know well the heavenly sky
Will warm the flesh and bones The stars that guide your path
Keep kindling dry nearby The danger of the sand
For nights and cold untold And brigands by the way

Alertness False security
The wilderness is strewn with grief The thief he lurks behind closed door
The bones of men too slow To steal your wealth and kin
Wake early, hone your wits and act False friends will pry on weakness seen
Be swift to seek your prey Within the caverns of your store

Security Caution
Secure your home, protect your kind A cautious man heeds what’s ahead
And those most close to you He moderates his gait
The treacherous intent of foe and thief Avoids the pitfalls there beyond
Resolve to breach your will And covers tracks he makes

Taking Note Agility
Notate your thoughts when hatching plans Swift of mind, agile and fleet
Rotate your schemes once gained Are tributes man must seek
Small steps first take on upwards track So battles may be won with ease
The venture to be gained More pleasure then to keep

Foresight Power
Experience gained from others Your status may be measured
And from your own account In gold and silver plates
Strive to see afore your eyes But power as such, it has no form
And plan for worst to come Just transient state of mind

Control Preparation
Control your mind, your means Plan well ahead for what’s to come
For benefits over time For what to do and when to act
Take stock, recount your troops Adversity and change
Mark keen the seeds of time Such schemes then do retain

Fear The unknown
In praise of fear it is a sign Fear not what is not known
For wise men to regroup Prepare for just this day
The fool deflects such warning Make plans based on sound sense
And sinks without a sight Tomorrow’s another day

Health & Fitness Order
With strength to run, to walk and fight Take firm control your span of worth
The victor stamps his mark Attend with care and thought
An agile mind refreshed in health Each detail of your daily life
From this sound sleep is won Sound pickings of your thoughts

War Ambush
Before you fire your arrows fast Assess you plans for siege or war
Prepare for every risk Surprise, attack or stealth
When life and death count much Weigh up your risk and seek your spot
The same Were troops can gain their lot
No victory is won

Weapons Skill
Your weapons keep secure and clean Be master of your craft and skill
Well oiled and sharp at edge Learn something of all else
A dagger rest within your garb A wise man armed with knowledge such
And sword in shafted guard Will live a handsome life

Troops My Son
Your brotherhood will fight to death With these scant words remember me
When led by strong at front What’s said, my hope will be done
Lead with your sword high in the air My crown I pass to thee my son
Let everyman there to see For to-morrow I’ll be gone

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